The Up Ramp


Dawn, up since 3AM, groggy yet free to be so. Day three of house sitting commences with thoughts of how wide open it is here, and of how ripe with pollen the sage brush fields are. Eyes puffy and unresponsive to drops. And I got my car back yesterday. That last one might seem disparate but it fits right in as far as I am concerned. That’s important.

Last night’s indulgence was a steak dinner, round steak, and a rental movie: “Ender’s Game”. The film had me entertained from the start, and it provoked thought though out. That’s always good for me.  The foremost thought that comes to mind has to do with the current trend toward stories that place prodigious adolescents smack in the middle of  an authoritarian or otherwise repressive System, then shows how they struggle to break free of the underlying darkness, or to defeat a really big adversary. Take your pick.

i can’t get into it this morning. The sun is about to crest the high ridge of the mountains. Adolescence is far behind me, chronologically speaking. I just can’t be bothered, especially if it means I have to compose prose on this newfangled iPad. I’ll take a good old fashioned desktop, any day. Laptop? Nah, thanks. My lap came equipped with a built in top. Besides, I spend very little . . .  Oh, never mind.

Which brings us into the endgame of this rather brief post. Maybe it’s just impatience, but I can’t seem to get into it. Yup, I’m on a bipolar down cycle. Boy howdy you must get tired oh hearing that. But it ain’t nothin’ but a map. Turn right onto the next up ramp. Sometimes you have to drive for miles to find a way in or out. C’est la vie.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.



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