Olivia and the Dancing Pit Bulls


“I think fearless is having fears but jumping anyway.” ~ Taylor Swift

I awoke this morning at 4 AM. Checked the vibes in general, talked to the cat because she was talking to me. Hit the bathroom. Stepped outside to see the Milky Way in all of it’s splendor, made only more so by the crystalline clarity of the sky over the New Mexico high  desert mountains. Then I came to this computer, roused it from ‘sleep’ mode, and I was greeted by a really very lovely photo of Olivia Munn. Immediately I thanked the Goddess. I know I wasn’t looking at this photo before going to sleep. This another friggin mystery in my life. I downloaded the photo for my desktop image. Nice. How’d it get in my browser? No complaints, I’m just sayin’, k?

Rosie the cat is on my lap and she doesn’t seem to like me typing while she attempts to rest so I boost her up onto the bed. That works for her. Good.

Today is a day off from work. Also good. Laundry must be done, a tad of shopping as well. I feel like I am writing a letter home. Likely so. The past week has been a horror because of anxiety, which feeds the high energy fire of depression, which takes me down and out, and makes it hard to talk to my friends without stumbling over my words and having enough volume to have them heard in the first place. Not good, or maybe it is good. I’m hurtin’. Might as well let it show.

My friends? Stray Hearts animal shelter in Taos, New Mexico has the best crew of caregivers that anybody could ask for – tri-cultural and fiercely united, the kind of friends who can wave or nod with meaning. We love the animals and we love each other. We are family. We had a new guy added to our crew yesterday and he slipped right in to the love and caring. That is the way it is. And the animals are with us too. Sorry, Mr. Lennon, but love is not all we need – it is what  we need. We can make a pit bull terrier smile. They are pretty good dancers as well.

Wordy dude is not active this morning. I tapped out this post good enough, yo. I’ve got a post-dawn nap to see to, then a day of – what? I don’t friggin care this morning, and I nod to the great Dana Carvey, who nailed this kind of headspace as “the fuck its”. Dude! Works, man. Come to my workplace and walk a dog, k? Olivia? You can do that too, sweetie! Thanks, yer a pal. Taylor? Yeh, you too.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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