River and Roses

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Seven miles from the house, to the northeast, takes me into the mountains. All of my compulsory chores for the day were done, the day off from work wrapped around me like a plush moment in time. Spontaneity arose from daydreams and the quiet brought on by the heat of a brilliant summer afternoon. I got into my car and took the drive, on through the tiny village of Arroyo Seco and into the steeply inclined valley that leads up to Taos Ski Valley. There is no precise way to describe the place, but it is worth trying, worth the contemplation required in giving respect to an alluring place on this planet. At another time the drive might take me into a cooler realm, but it is just starting to get into full summer, and the heat is pervasive, it sets as a reminder that we are subject to the whims and visions that Nature gives us, we children of her grandeur. My rather puffy prose, as I write on the cusp of yet another hot day, comes out freely, although it is slow in emerging, and awkward before the spellcheck kicks in. I can live with that and I do.

Mine is a rather messy and simple life these days, it doesn’t take much novelty to amuse me. As a sat on the bank of the Rio Hondo, which was full and fast from the still melting snowpack up on the summits, I slowly slipped my lower legs, up to my knees, into the rushing water. It was cold, but not the startling cold I had expected. I felt the chill bring my whole body down, away from the anxiety I live with in a seemingly perpetual way. The water made the anxiety less critical, less bold, and fully present in a lost chord of music that shifts back and forth between major and minor chords. It was my mother’s favorite kind of inspirational music. Back and forth, major and minor, stirring the heart and the soul, taking it all away for a time, this unease that living tows along on its path in time. Anxiety, that furtive and ghastly presence, cannot hide from beauty. Although it may be dogged in its own way, it can and will bow down to the winsome grace that resides just beyond the borders of reason. Even if only for a time.

Pretty cool, huh?! I am listening to the intermittent cooing of a turtle dove as I write here at dawn. The resident chickens and turkey are ranging in the yard. Cat sleeping on the bed. It’s a workday, dogs today and tomorrow, then cats all next weak. The animal shelter holds my happiness these day. Giving service and getting paid for it seems rather diverting to me, like the music of Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Greensleeves. That’s the way I like it, first beauty, then hard work, the stirred not shaken to blend it all into a life that must evolved beyond this messy and simple phase. If the simplicity remains beyond the shift I would be better for its presence. Oh, did I mention that the wild roses are in bloom along the river banks? They are, both pink and white. Uh huh. Beauty again.

Peace out y’all. Goof gloriously.



3 thoughts on “River and Roses

  1. What I’m walking away with after stuffing my Eyeyotee party-gift-bag with these treasures:

    “Anxiety, that furtive and ghastly presence, cannot hide from beauty.” and
    “…first beauty, then hard work, the stirred not shaken to blend it all into a life that must evolve beyond this messy and simple phase.”

  2. As always, I appreciate your replies so much! Anxiety is a strange thing, even if it runs rampant through so so many of the billions of us humans here. I’ve been advised to call it a nemesis yet I cannot go there. It is an ally, so it must be integrated into this soul, at this time, in this place, for any reason that suits at the moment. We must tame our fears. To kill them is violence. No good dat. So says Mr. Shamanistic fella here on the mesa. Solstice? Oh yeah! I’m here, sis. It’s good to see you here as well. Love is never remiss. Thank you indeed.

    • You are a wise man to move beyond applying the concept of nemesis to anxiety.

      From where I sit, rising above the it/me perspective to integrate one’s anxiety aspect is nothing short of a heroic act. It is just one element of a valuable, challenging contribution you are making to the human collective.

      I believe as you travel your path and find succes in the integration – the way is paved for all of our DNA to evolve, blossom. And I have to say, you be transmuting some powerful anxiety energy and deliberately forming it into something integrated and beautiful to follow – as you work with the animals.

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