Anxiety, Pan, and Psyche

IMG_1666 - 2014-06-20 at 16-42-59

It’s a soft morning, by my reckoning, and my reckoning shall rule, because this is my blog. End of story. The morning is soft for two reasons: the air is almost still, cautiously moving as if to avoid detection, and it is nearly warm, although there is enough of a chill to allow me to wear my plush gray fleece robe. I prefer this robe to that other crappy one from WalMart. Ya think it’s from China? I ain’t tellin’. But back to the morning. The sky to the east, where the sun is fixin’ to rise, is electric blue, a tad pale for a strong blue like that, and a silver cast, a patina, makes it all better. Pasted against the silvery stuff is the banana moon. It’s not yellow like a banana should be, but the shape is impeccable, banana-wise.

Yesterday’s puffy prose was no mistake. Phrases that become burgeoning floral stuff recede again, making the whole style sound like a mix of poetic aspirations and vernacular silliness. Vernacular IS silly, but it is, OMG, like totally fun. Oh yeah. Another benefit, perhaps for me alone, is that vernacular is a great analgesic for anxiety. I occasionally write about anxiety. Hear tell that 40, 000,00 people in the US alone deal with anxiety and/or panic disorders. I’ve been know to panic on occasion. It is never voluntary so don’t even ask me to calm down. I will when I am good and ready, k? And I’ve known a dog or two who have the same disorder. A panicked dog ought maybe be avoided until it calms down, ya think? I know I would.

While I was just waiting for my Melita mini-cone filter to empty into my cup I noticed that the ground coffee comes with instructions. How odd. And it says something about piping hot, as if I should play a Pan pipe while waiting, instead of reading instructions. I say that because the great god Pan is the source of the word “pan-ic”. Furthermore, I basically and philosophically adhere to the worldview of panpsychism, meaning, in one interpretation, that I see myself as a mind in a world of minds. Now, think about that for a second then look at this image of the great god Pan patting Psyche on the head, like she is a good girl, which she likely is. I believe in Pan, in fact I have felt his powerful presence up in the mountains. Psyche is our mind. Oh! I was gonna paste an image. Sorry, my bad. Here it is –

Cool, huh? I’ve gotta keep it short, and hopefully sweet today. I’m starting full time cats at work. I intend to learn from these superior critters. It should be quite educational, like meow dude.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


3 thoughts on “Anxiety, Pan, and Psyche

  1. I can’t tell you why I thought this – but I caught myself wondering if cats are the embodiment of instinctual feminine spirit. That would have you taking your mind from a world of minds out to work – to affect some balance in the world with an abundant representation of the instinctual feminine…

    • That’s pretty accurate toward the way I look at it, although articulation hasn’t seemed necessary as of yet. Cats/ instinctual feminine? You bet! My vibes are significantly altered by my work, and although I may not hold much sway in the grand scheme of things, that lack of influence allows me much more influence on an interior basis, which is barred from so very many people by the simple fact that they ain’t got that much time nor energy to look within. And the kitties? I don’t think they have those/these kinds of problems. I don’t have “the sight” but I’m pretty sure that a cat takes up a lot more space than it seems to. Some of those friggin cat auras are huge! Hey! Maybe they do their work through me?

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