Cougar Purrs

IMG_1471 - 2014-03-07 at 17-05-31

The animal at my side is making tiny burbling noises that are laced with purring as well. The translation to English is roughly, “It’s past 4:30 AM and you haven’t written a single word. Dude, s’up?”. Of course I listen and comply. She’s rarely wrong.

This day started nicely, two meteors, razor thin flashes of distant light, fifteen minutes apart, one north to south and one east to west, cutting through the roughshod defenses on my heart and mind, straight to my soul, and each time I greeted them with a simple smile. It was easy. Now the little cat is lounging on my lap. My right arm, due to the typing, was in her way as she laid down, so she pushed it out of the way by patting it until I moved it. It’s the small things. She is purring, the American dark gray tabby shorthair, and stopping me from getting another cup of good, strong, coffee.

Unbeknownst to me I slipped into a mystical state of consciousness as I sat at the break table during lunch at work yesterday. The table, a somewhat raggedy thing with chairs that match the raggedy table, sits outside next to the window of the ‘dog kitchen’, where food is portioned and dishes are washed. The indoor kennels are awash with barking from the resident dogs, but the sound this time acted as a shamanic carrier wave, sending me flying into an altered state, giving me the clouds against an azure sky, as they swept in slowly, over the high summits of the Picuris range and the Pecos wilderness, all bearing witness to a spaced out man who in turn bore witness to them. That’s one of the nice aspects of a shamanic view of this magnificent world. It’s easy to find once you find it. Rationality then falters.

“Please please me, oh yeah, like I please you” ~ Lennon and McCartney

Cougars purr, both the corporeal animal and the archetypal being. When I first moved to Taos I was convinced that I could approach and make contact with the gods that walk these mountains, mesas and prairies, and I could do it without the assistance of a human guide. Turns out I was right. Six months after my arrival I rode my mountain bike up into a high place of alpine splendor. As I was headed back down the steep road I was confronted with a pair of the magnificent big cats, a rare sighting, sweet in its appearance, and although dangerous it was one of the high points of this man’s life. Danger and beauty, when combined, rip the veils of modern complacency, exposing the true connection we share with a prodigious matrix of connectivity, Natures gift to all who sit within this circle of life. It is vastly more than a Disney movie in 3D.

The second time I met Cougar in Taos was during a Divine Matrix Reconnection session with the talented Raiden Leigh Knight. That session carried me out into the cosmos, out to a place where the scope of cosmic beauty is both terrifying and edifying. As I stood at the brink of eternity Cougar came and curled up around me, protecting me from any harm that I might add to the moment. Then the Divine Mother took us both in her shimmering hands and thrust us out into the center of it all. She is the One I know as Brigid, a Celtic goddess who acts to bring this unspeakable beauty down to Earth. The red fire of her hair intimated what all ies before us. That connection is with me still. Raiden has offered more and deeper connections, but I have enough for now. Having enough, of anything, is a good place to be.

Back to the break table at work . . . I was alone at that table, with the world before me, and it was lit up with the inner light of peace, a light that allows its glow out into open space, where we can smell it, feel it, see it, and, if we are lucky we can cherish it. If I were to tell my coworkers that I had a mystical experience for lunch I may be taking it a bit too far. I also had a salami sandwich, ‘Fiery Hot Cheetos’, and a pint of iced tea with ginseng. Nourishment comes in many guises.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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