Things Both Challenging and Fun


It’s going to be strong coffee and a short blog post this morning. Yesterday was an eventful day for me. I had an article published in the Taos News and I had to participate in a cat chase which was directed at five large and very frightened kittens. The article addressed the controversy that has been hounding Stray Hearts Animal Shelter for much too long now. Lawsuits, a car in the shelter parking lot torched in the deep side of night, a concerted effort to get our veterinarian’s license yanked, all basically horseshit as far as I can tell.

And the kittens? Well I once again learned the great value in bite-proof gloves. Those little critters are strong! They have my respect. I was working with a young woman who usually works with dogs but she was cross-trainig so she got to see just how fun cats can be. We managed to get all five cats into cages. The final cat was high up on a shelf. That one I captured with a net that was designed for exactly that sort of thing. Those five cats will have some PTSD for a few days. Likely I will too. That sort of thing is never fun, and it takes a lot out of me because of the high adrenaline rush.

I truly wish that I could write about the controversy in greater length and detail. It would actually be a challenging and fun journalistic exercise, like chasing kittens. One of the underlying themes in the whole thing is how some of our behavioral levels are stuck solid at a junior high school level. Gossip is another one. Some devour malicious gossip as if it is popcorn at a movie theater, where, of course, some of it ends up on the floor. Don’t ask me where I was headed with that metaphor. It’s just that, for some reason, I get the image of a sticky sugar stain dappled with spilled popcorn. Yucky stuff. Th detractor who rail against the shelter deal in icky stuff. I mean, they are going to help animals by making our work harder to do? Really? Dude, really?!

Friggin pisses me way off. But I’ve got that out now. It will be interesting to see how much, if any,  blowback I will get in return. We’ve all seen how meanness can be dressed up as righteousness, and that’s just in this morning’s news. Ob la di ob la da. I’ll try and be in a higher mode tomorrow, k?

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously

4 thoughts on “Things Both Challenging and Fun

  1. Several good questions here, Jane, and I thank you for challenging my approach. I’m playing the part I need to play right now. There is a lot I don’t know, and I am fine with admitting that. And I will be interested to see what comes of it from the folks who seem to be detractors. In my limited knowledge, which was deeply and darkly impressed by the torched car in the shelter parking lot, I stand to learn more, and I likely will. There are obviously some very sensitive issues involved, and I do hope that the major issues have not taken on a life of their own. That would be unfortunate for all concerned. I’ve heard the venom around town, and even if it is fact based it is still harmful to all. Thank you, Jane. I respect your outlook.

  2. Marveling about how so much of our lives seems to be focused on jumping into the metaphorical deep end of the pool and learning how to swim with everyone else. The goal: incurring the least amount of emotional destruction we can manage, and generating the greatest amount of love. When I got clued in that was the objective and began with easing my own self-judgement, expanding the love I showed myself – the results have been incontrovertible, rippling to gentle, clarify and resolve conflict within, with my son, my collaborators, my community, my detractors.

    I like to visualize how the attentiveness I’m paying to resolving my own conflict all the way out to the big stuff like the Middle East – cause that there is a powerful impact to be a part of manifesting!

    • Yes there is. I’m dragging myself slowly up into that sort of level. It’s hard when knowledge is slight and perception is about as easy as looking through stained glass, which isn’t designed to see through. Rely on intuition and walk calmly into the storm. My guardian angel gave me a head’s up and it is always good to have her around. Meanwhile, today I attended to delivering five healthy cats into the loving hands that will take them home and give them the light of love. That is what the shelter life is all about. The rest is frosting, whether ready to turn or sweetly fresh. Politics is skittery business. I’ll put my foot in and maybe swim a mile or two, but keeping animals healthy and safe is my, and our, goal. We manifest the very bridge that sends animals home to their people. That should be enough. I hope so.

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