Is This A Fable?

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It’s 5 AM and I will be going out to listen for coyotes in just a few minutes. They were here before, about a half hour ago, or at least one was. It was wailing cautiously and came close enough to the gate in the coyote-proof fence to trip the motion sensor light. That’s close, 25 feet, give or take. A source of wonder came close and I was aware enough to detect it and experience the beauty of the moment. Why does such a thing lead me to open this post with perfunctory prose? I can’t rightly say. Maybe we can fix that later. Right now I need to step outside.

Back. The lavender phase of sunrise is just beginning to kick in, no coyotes to be heard, and I am thinking about how much I have to learn. It’s early in the morning. I can think what I want. No one is around to hear me, and if they could they would be a mind reader. That would be fun. If they were into light reading, that is. Bad joke. My bad.

It seems I have taken a stand. There is, to say the very least, a heated controversy concerning the Taos Stray Hearts Humane Society animal shelter, where I am a paid employee. I jumped into the rather rocky dialog by submitting a piece to the Taos News’ “My Turn” feature, which is a space on the editorial page that is reserved for citizens’ commentary. They published it. Cool. In researching the issue this morning I got a little better picture of what is being discussed and how it is being discussed. Seems that euthanasia is at or somewhere near the center, such as it is. But there are additional  issues concerning ex-employees who are, as they say, disgruntled. This is where it gets messy. Someone was quoted as saying that the shelter was being run like “a Nazi Death Camp”. Yes, I have heard some of the scuttlebutt about and from said disgruntled ones. I’ve been gently confronted by some volunteers who seemed to want something more than casual conversation from me, and as I was hired to care for the cats I tossed up a few shields in prudence toward the goal of keeping my eye on my job description, but also in keeping my eyes out of the line of fire. Having to deal with the many pointy protrusions that cats have at their disposal is enough to deal with at any given time. I’ve even been bitten, rather severely, on the job. I went to Urgent Care, I did not hire a lawyer. This the extent of my ignorance. To this day I still put out effort to befriend the cat who bit me. But she remembers, she cannot hide the fear in her eyes, and yet she still allows me to get my finger within a few inches of her on rare occasion. There is hope yet. That’s cat stuff, which I do on a regular basis. It’s the people stuff that at times turns me to using that poor cat as a metaphor for my time on the job. Honest! She was out of her cage and it was therefor imperative that I capture her and put her back. I caught her, she bit me. We were each doing what we had to do. The rest was circumstantial. I hold no grudge against the cat, who’s name is Tessie. She’s a beautiful all gray cat and she is quite sweet with people. Most people. Come adopt her, k? It’s not so easy with the human interactions, when you don’t know who to trust, who will take what you say to the naysayers, who will go away and then come back as a ghost. Wait: a ghost is someone who is not there yet is there, right? Did I get that right? I’m confused now. I think I may have been talking to the wrong people. You know what? Before I submitted my article to the Taos News I wondered if I would be in danger should it be published, considering that a car had already been torched in relation to the controversy. Actually, my car was sitting right next to that one the very morning before the arson. My car was broken down and was parked there waiting for me to have the money to get it fixed. My car was finally in the shop that afternoon. If it had stayed where it was it would have gone up in flames with the other. Luckily I had a paying job and was therefor able to have it be otherwise. This was weeks before I had my article published so I was not involved in the controversy then. Yet the friggin arson is what inspired me to enter the fray. I hope I did not make a mistake. Oops.

Wow, that last paragraph had to be terminated; it was way too long. That’s what the ‘oops’ was all about. You were probably thinking that this blogger thought he was David Foster Wallace or something. No. My paragraph was long but my sentences were not nearly so elegant as his. And his purposeful obscurity was strategic, dazzlingly so, while my obscurity is of the garden variety, which is maybe why I am so plucky. Doh!

So where does that leave us? I’m way tired this morning. The past three days have been like being wrung through the proverbial wringer. I love proverbs, don’t you? They are kind of like truncated fables. I love fables as well.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously, k?





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