Across the Bridge of Hope


Walking into the house to the smell of strong coffee brewing may be the highlight of my whole day. I’d rather it not be that way. I’d rather there be more highlights throughout the day. I’m in the mood for some new energy in my life. But the coffee smells wonderful and it tastes the same. The past three days have been real wringers emotionally. It started when I had the article printed in the Taos News. That’s nineteen of nineteen, articles and letters to the editor, a good record if I ever saw one, including the world class Miami Herald. Pretty cool. Positive pride is what I feel regarding that record. It gives me impetus, it oils some rusty gears, it reminds me that I do write pretty well after all. I tend to have a furled brow when I think of my writing. The brow thing keeps me ever striving to better my writing. I paraphrase  now, Corwin of Amber, from Roger Zelazney’s “Amber” series, said that “striving is growth toward hidden potential”. Ya want easy ya gets easy. Says me. So on Thursday I opened myself to some doubt, and by Saturday that doubt had morphed into self-directed anger, things like “Oh I should never have sent that in, and now they’ve published it!”. Stuff like that. Ouch. Yes, it comes to me as an artifact of my depressive proclivities. Anyway, I moved through it. Today is a new day. One step at a time. All that happy stuff.

Our opening picture today is a reminder to me, that I must cross a metaphorical bridge now and then, into the rising sun, again, all that happy stuff. I’m not dissing positive thinking, although I have been known to make fun of it at times. Admittedly I was smacked sideways from reading Barbara Ehrenreich’s wonderful book, Bright-Sided, which I am in no way going to review here, but her book really gave me some enlightenment as to how my years long bad attitude could actually have produced some ideas that were legitimately open to critical thinking. I’m rather fond of critical thinking, and I like to do it on occasion, even if only to remind myself how fun it can be. So on Thursday I crossed a bridge. Yadda, yadda, yadda. The crossing tossed me into the maelstrom of personal evolution that I so deeply adore. I realized that the animal shelter business wasn’t all puppies and kittens. No, I’m not that naive. I didn’t think it was all puppies and kittens. Realization is sometimes reiteration. As Mark Twain said, “History rhymes”. Don’t worry none,  y’all is still crossin’ that metaphorical bridge with me. We’uns got a long way to go when we get there. Or at least I do. Don’t worry, I’ll write. My realization was triggered by a note I received that was critical of the shelter, and that note offered an example of an incident at the shelter which was construed as being negligence and/or malfeasance, and maybe even abuse. The thing of it is I was involved directly with the incident, I knew exactly what happened,  and I suddenly found myself outraged at the inference of wrong-doing. There was no wrong-doing at all. Which made me wonder how much of the expressions from avid critics of the shelter are based on other events that were likely as natural and innocent as the one I was involved in. I’m just sayin’.

Yup, I’m hoping for a peaceful solution. I’ll regain my own inner peace before too long. My inner resolve, as per the thrust of my newspaper article, is strengthened by falseness just as it is by truth. This ain’t no “one or the other” situation, and I’ve gotta go work at that place today, and I’ve gotta work alongside someone who seems to be a snitch, and I don’t friggin know who that someone is, and . . . and . . . and . . . dag nab it! Don’t some things just piss you off? Please know that I am smiling as I write this paragraph. It’s cosmic humor that has me doing that. I’m hearing Peter Lorre’s voice saying something like “eh, eh, eh, maybe you might want to think again before you touch that animal. You never know who might be watching”. And Bogey replies, “Things are never so bad that they can’t be made worse. Don’t go there, my friend. You’ll regret it for longer than you know”.

On that note I’m taking a shower, right now, as soon as I sign off here. I am only partially sorry for using two such fine actors in a cartoonish way. I would rather have used Rocky and Bullwinkle but they are for sure animals and my use of them might be construed as abuse. I’m for arbitration, I’m for mediation, and I am all for seeking the truth in all corners, not just in the ones that further ambitions of any stripe.

“Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat” ~ Bullwinkle J. Moose

“Aw, Bullwinkle, that trick never works”  ~ Rocket J. Squirrel

Uh oh, now I’m really gonna be in trouble. What’s Bullwinkle doing to that rabbit anyway? Let’s all smile. There’s a way to make things right again. I promise.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously, k?

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