While I Was Sleeping

IMG_1747 - 2014-07-28 at 14-32-46   They ask me to deprive myself of sleep, no more than five hours, then ask me to drive two hours to get to the hospital, no coffee allowed for 24 hours before the test, then they ask me to drive back home after the testing, the EEG all done, all because they want to find out how my brain is doing? I’m just sayin’. But seriously now . . . How was your day yesterday? I drove down to the State Capitol with my consciousness somewhat loosened from its moorings. I must say it was likely well worth the drive. Electrodes pasted to my scalp, all over, extracted the doings of my brain, which lay safely ensconced in my thick skull. These are electrical doings we are talking about. And I got nearly an hour’s nap after very little sleep the night before. With perks like that who needs gloom? That which the EEG tech was seeking was more easily seen, said she, while I slept, and so I did. Somehow I’d expected the tech to be male. I guess my extensive inculcation toward feminism has some holes in it. I’ll have to work on that.

This morning is calm, quiet, no rain, no thunder. When I was awakened by that raucous thunder yesterday it was as if a shamanic ritual had begun. Likely it had. But today I have no medical tests so maybe, just maybe, a day of calm productivity will grace my path. Upon waking and heading to the bathroom I was greeted by a mouse carcass which was laid precisely in the path I habitually take when going to urinate first thing in the morning. She does this on a regular basis, the cat does, and so far I have avoided stepping on the carcass each and every time. Let it be noted that my perfect record may not last. Cats, and mine in particular, are wily critters. And smart. They would not waste their time on pranks that don’t work. I wouldn’t, would you? The thing on my mind this morning is pretty much a hangover from the past five days of contemplating the great Taos animal shelter debate. I brought this on myself. I know that. Yesterday’s email from one of those who support the “opposing side” was in email inbox when I got home from the hospital, so of course I was in a dandy mood, but that mood was because of the world-class spectacular and automotively challenging drive back up through the canyon from the Española Valley, on through the Rio Grande Gorge, then entering Taos Valley through the gate of dizzy-making beauty as you are suddenly greeted with a breathtaking vista wherein the Rio Grande Gorge is now before you instead of around you. Take another look at today’s opening photo. Click on it, get the full enchilada. Point is that it always feels good to be home again. But a front door that makes you go “wow” is a plus.

So about that email. Ya gotta expect opposition when it comes to opinions, and in today’s world, where political correctness still somewhat resembles codependence, you’ll get it, cordiality in tact. I’m not being sarcastic here so don’t even go there, k? I’m all for anything that can pry open the friggin rusty-hinged door that makes communications no more tham a peek through the cracks in the wall. We all stand to be educated further. As Albert Einstein so savvily noted, “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. Think of feet and new shoes – ya gotta break it down before ya build it up. That’s why your feet hurt. I even got that when I first got Birkenstocks. But work boots are even worse. There is opposition between foot and sole. It takes work. I’d kind of hoped that I wouldn’t go back to the animal shelter controversy today but it is pretty much all around me right now. I feel delighted to actually get direct communications from the “other side”. Flow is good. But I am an animal caregiver, no mas. Iffin ya want some results from your hard fought opinions go straight to the lawyers. Since lawsuits have already been filed it is highly likely that the lawyers will have the last word. It’s like taking things to a meta level. You can’t do it without one upping yourself. No way, no how. And there’s just one more issue that I would like to address before wrapping up this paragraph. One thing addressed in the statements by those who would have the shelter be different and better is that former employees feel that they were dismissed or led to quit through skeevy or just inappropriate means, so maybe when the dust settles they could get their jobs back? I’m rather against that, as it would mean that I would be out of a job, so I would have to file a lawsuit for being wrongly laid off. That’s not a merry-go-round it’s a grumpy-go-round. Go figure. It’s a small crew to begin with. Not much has changed since those people left.

“I have these moments, all steady and strong
I’m feeling so holy and humble
The next thing I know, I’m all worried and weak
And I feel myself starting to crumble” ~ Dan Fogelberg

I was just outside on the deck, where I got to witness two meteors. Now I am back inside with the cat at my side. She did a bit of grooming and now she is snoozing. My mind keeps going back to my health issues, the EEG yesterday, the MRI on Saturday. The EEG test was fascinating. I did some research before I went so I had a good idea of what was happening while I slept. Upon my waking the tech put a strobe lamp over my eyes. There were maybe 10 different, sequential frequencies of flashes before it was over. Then she had me hyperventilate for two minutes. What the computer monitor was showing, I guess, will be shared with me later, after they also get a look at the MRI. Why worry, huh?

That’s it for today, folks. In a couple of hours I shall be amongst the cats. Lucky me, I get to spend my whole day with cats. Tis an honor.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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