Tiredness from fear, from worry, pulsing with anxiety, and a ringing in my ears that persists boldly, I sit here wondering what to write. Since I don’t know what to write I just write anyway. You are reading the results. It’s been a strange morning, ever since the cat woke me up by walking on the computer keyboard and triggering a shortcut command that pulled up a song on iTunes. The song was from an album of Solfeggio frequencies. Not only that, she also cued a shortcut which brought up a feature called “Visualizer”, which creates complex images of swirling lines, colors, and patterns, all generated from the music playing. I described it as best I can. Weird! I thought I was having a New Age spiritual experience, and I was.

It’s probably just overload. The controversy about the animal shelter, which I have been writing about for the past week, both here and in the local newspaper, was the first pulse of stress, brought on because I put myself out there and made myself nervous as a result. Then came the trip to Santa Fe, to plug into an EEG device, which had a close look at what my brain is up to these days. I wonder what they saw. I wonder. A cool break from all of this inner turmoil was having to help a big orange tomcat pull out of what looked like a nervous breakdown. My two coworkers and I gave that poor cat loving attention throughout the day. It was clear that he felt better at the end of the day, but he still had some of the deep muscular tremors that I had detected earlier. The shelter’s executive director, the medical director, and the kennel manager came to the cattery as I was cradling the cat, ready to put him back in his cage. We all smiled and cooed over the animal. I will watch him closely today.

This mind is a tad untethered this morning so I will cut it short and have a shower now.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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