Adventures In Shadowland

IMG_1840 - 2014-08-25 at 14-02-05

This is another shorty today. Having a hard time squeezing out the words, and my longer posts flow freely, with little or no planning. This depressive cycle has been going for two weeks now. Mostly it has been more physical and benign. The physical phenomena are mostly odd pains, sluggishness, and this time I am getting a pinpoint headache, always in the same spot. Odd. Not to mention fatigue. Oops. But something triggered me yesterday, I don’t know what, though I have an idea, and it was like one of those high-speed elevators reaching the sub-basement in no time. Whoosh. That’s where I am today. That’s why I am short of words: my mind is fighting to keep up with the energy flow. Although low, this phase of the cycle sparkles big time. It is not lack of energy. On the contrary! I’m fighting it. That is way tiring because this phase, when it comes, is relentless until it is damn well ready to recede. Poor me. I’m being open about it because it needs to be addressed, and although my audience is small as of yet it still allows for an outlet for the issue. I have one reader in Australia, and a brand new one in Puerto Rico. The word spreads, even if silently. The butterfly effect is real. I rely on it. That is why I practice transparency. There are 20,000,000 of us in this country alone, probably more. It really not cool to hide this many people behind an imaginary wall.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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