Coyote Within the Pink Noise

IMG_5873 - 2009-09-13 at 11-44-09

“All mass is interaction.” ~ Richard Feynman

Nature fulfilled my desires, or maybe just one of them, this morning, coyotes rising up in song, their presence having been announced by dogs, some nervous and some just a little angry, and me taking it in like the dreamer that I sometimes am. It’s like ya know most all the time dude, the dreamer thing runs deep in trust and free to roam in its proximity of someone, c’est moi. My task is to be there when the veil goes thin enough to let me in, if I step through I’m there. That’s me this morning. I’m in and ready to go. What lies in store for me is a mystery. This I love, and love is what drives me today.

Its almost as if someone slipped a bit of ayahuasca into my coffee. I’m ready to heal and I’m ready to grow. I trust any spirit that might arrive, trust it until my trust is betrayed, or I step beyond the trust into a field of dreams if said trust brings edification in its bag of tricks. I’m psyched, and love in the form of romantic possibilities feeds me in a timeless fashion. Ayahuasca is a natural brew containing DMT, which also is produced endogenously in all of us. I’ve been thinking of DMT, anxious for the release of Rick Strassman’s new bookDMT and the Soul of Prophecy. I know Rick and I feel honored to call him my friend. What does Rick’s book have to do with romantic love. Nothing that I know of, but DMT is a trippy chemical which can open the doors of perception and let in the Dreamtime for any one of us at any time. I feel my favorite goddess, Brighid, calling me, telling me to prepare for something both mysterious and realer than real (click on the link, highlighted in green, the previous phrase). Last week I felt the spontaneous whispers of love in an untenable situation, but the manifestation was real; a gift toward healing and growth. Somethings gotta friggin wake me up and shake me up so that this world becomes a place with clearer expressions of the Light.  I saw the Light at the end of the tunnel when I had my NDE. Brighid was there, for the NDE was within the cusp of her Holy day: Imbolc. She siphoned away my anxiety, and I lived within that absence of anxiety for a few months. It was a heavenly experience. I wish I could do it again, and maybe I can, no? Sure I can.

Unexpected morning rain is like Nature’s own pink noise outside my window. Sweet! A feeling of balance is carried within the sound of the rain. Maybe that balance will like ya know slip into my world today. I’ll let ya know, k?

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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