A Thief and a Season


I’ll keep it short today. The muse is not here for me. Our opening photo is of Prince Harry, the cat who has been in the shelter the longest. As reported before, Harry is a theif. He’ll climb up three feet to reach through the cage and grab food from his neighbor, Tiger, then he licks the food from his paw. He may spend ten minutes doing this. It’s way fun to watch. Amusement on the job in a cattery is not hard to find. Cat’s are sometimes clownish, sometimes “awwww” cute.

I’m still waiting for the chill of autumn to arrive. It’s been in an almost phase but I will be thrilled when the nighttime temperature drops into the the 30s. It’ll be psych time for me. Portions of my life, which are many, will start moving again. Hmm, maybe the deep aches and pains will ease? That alone would be a thrill.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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