Conflict and Belonging

Cat Truce

Where would you like to live? In a state of conflict or a conflicted state.” ~ Christopher Hitchens

Midnight is the black one and the tabby is Isaac. The encounter never amounted to much but it was fun to watch. Midnight is one of a few cats who get to roam free in the cattery for a while each day. I’ve never tried it with Isaac but I may give it a shot today. This room full of friends is pretty much family to me. I am lucky indeed.

The cat encounter I show you today was a point of wonder for me yesterday. Such is time and its close companion timelessness. Those two cats both weigh over 20 pounds, and to watch the slow rising tension as they sat, nose to nose, with a cage wall between them, stirred something equally primal in me, a deep and truly wondrous feeling of belonging, proud in my mammalian status, reaching beyond the realm of primates, and coming home to the gift of laughter that Midnight and Isaac gave to me. Sometimes I think that this is one of the karmic reasons behind my constant companion which manifests as bipolar disorder. As much as I have striven and struggled it is something about culture that pries me away from the deep Nature that nurtures and heals, or maybe there is hidden purpose behind depression. Maybe it serves me better than consensus mood states would. What got me on this tack was reading about the various conflicts in the world. Nothing new, I know, but for some reason it snagged my attention. Conflict is maybe as wondrous as belonging. I’m not sure what I mean by all of this, all of today’s soliloquy, and yet I do know, if you look at it in light of all things translingual, a realm of thought that no doubt inspired the “cloud” computing of today’s tech world. Or maybe it didn’t. Gotta go folks. Work! Here’s another lovely cat photo for y’all . . .



Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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