Cat Burrito

New Mexico Sign 003


“And nobody, nobody knows
Let the yoke fall from our shoulders
Don’t carry it all don’t carry it all
We are all our hands in holders
Beneath this bold and brilliant sun” ~ the Decemberists

Christmas Eve. 3º, 6:42 AM. Coffee? Good. Cat asking for kibble. I’m waiting to go to the agent at the hospital, and she will help me hook up, to renew my Medicaid for one more year. Wish me luck. Oh! Did I tell you they use Starbuck;s coffee at the concession stand at the hospital? Yes they do. A cup of good ol’ joe will be like a dog biscuit for me. The Medicaid will be like a wise man’s reward for living in poverty. It has it’s perks. Yes.

I’ve written recently about a situation in my life that has my WTF meter cranked up high. In the short time I’ve had to contemplate the situation I’ve come to realize that I haven’t got a clue, nor a choice. No clue, no choice, no vision, no sanctuary, no burrito. No wait – I have had a burrito. They sell cheap ones at the Shell station/Giant convenience store on the south side. But we at work call it a burrito when we have to bind a crazy cat up in a towel to give it it’s meds. It’s never fun. But no towel no guarantee of safety. Pissed off cats can deliver a gash before you can say ouch, but who can blame them when you are squirting candy-flavored antibiotics down their throats. I’d be pissed off too. Wouldn’t you? I mean candy!? How about tuna? Wouldn’t that make more sense? What’s this world coming to? I don’t know.

Yes, it’s deeply cold sunrise that is upon us here in Taos, NM. I’m down with that. Since it is my day off I will likely do the hermit thingy. Maybe rent a movie. The third part of the Hunger Games franchise is at the local theater, but I haven’t seen the second yet. How in the ever-lovin’ heck have I passed up the opportunity to see Jennifer Lawrence? I must be daft. Maybe my more sensible fantasies have trumped my actual sensibilities. I’m like “Boy, I say boy, now don’t get me riled”. That quote was from the great Foghorn Leghorn. What a guy. As luck would have it the real live rooster out in the chicken coup just crowed. It is sunrise and I, as my duty requires, have not opened the door to the coup yet. Nor has Oscar the turkey fluttered boldly down from the roof of the coup. Oscar doesn’t mind the deep cold at all, while I take it into careful consideration. My moustache might get frosted.

I’ve entertained fantasies besides Jennifer lately. You can get a kind of cabin fever by staying in Taos too long without getting out of town for a day or three. And I have also been queued by incidental things to go on a train ride, an Amtrak adventure. I used to ride Amtrak a lot. I’ve got notably more than 10,000 miles on Amtrak. I like trains. Don’t you? But I’ll not be getting out of town any time soon, unless, maybe, I drive up to Questa to have a burger and a beer. That might quench me a tad.Regardless, it’s a beautiful day, coming up out of the darkness, and I really must shower, really must go to the hospital, and I really must push back my profusion-ridden  anxiety while I navigate town on the day before Christmas. Son of a sea biscuit I do not want to go into town, I want to take a nap then hitVideo Casa, which is just north of town, then I will be able to view sweet Jennifer while sipping wine and kicking back. Can ya blame me, for Christ-sake!?

Goof gloriously, and peace on Earth, k?



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