Shake It Off

Rosie climbing 003


“Ooh – my hands were tired
Jokers and fools on either side
But still I kept on till the worst had gone
Now  see the hole I was in” ~ the Traveling Wilburys, Heading For the Light

What is it with cats? Today’s opening photo is of my dear Rosie as a teenager. Thank god she didn’t have wings, she did enough flying as it is. The first time I let her out of the apartment she hightailed it, with zero hesitation, all the way to the top of a fifty foot Chinese Elm. I talked her down, only after saying holy shit. It took a while. Do cats know how to live it up or what! Rhetorical question so let’s move on, shall we?

French blue-gray above the rise that leads to the mesa proper, which is covered with snow, the effect is striking, even awe-inspiring, bringing my sleepy mind up a notch toward waking. It is beautiful, it brings with it encouragement to go on. Which brings me to today’s theme – -oh wait! I didn’t have a theme. My bad. Let’s move on, k?

After the last paragraph I stepped outside to hunker against the wall, as I am wont to do. Fresh snow out there. More throughout the day, they say. Bring it on. A pack of coyotes were at it, quite nearby, and their musical cries reminded me of Taylor Swift for some reason. That sweetie is clever, as are coyotes. If you can appreciate good pop music have a look at the video of her hit “Shake it Off”. The message in the lyrics makes me smile. Be yourself. Come on now, man. You’re old enough to be her grandfather! Shake it off, dude. Sorry, I don’t usually allow my superego out to run loose, but I also keep him penned up at my own peril. It’s a paradox. Rock on, Taylor. Swing by Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos and we’ll do lunch. A burger, maybe a beer. And you can, if you would be so generous, make a healthy donation to the shelter. It’s be good PR and goddess knows we need all the help we can get.

Vast sweeping dreams carried me through the night. I sleep well most every night. It’s the meds, 1200-1500 mg gabapentin does the trick. I can’t remember anything from last night’s dreams, nothing but the feelings. Grandeur I tell you. It wasn’t like doing lunch with Taylor, it was way larger than that. Actually it seems like I went deeper into the Dreamtime than I usually do, out yonder where depth entwines with spaciousness so profound as to rival infinity. That’s big. I saw big things, felt big feelings. As I am at a juncture in my life where the old has finally withered on the stick and the new has not yet shown its shiny face I find myself scratching my head a lot. Itchy is as itchy does. That’s what I say. Do you believe me? Thanks, yer a pal.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.






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