Large Coyote on a Snow-Packed Road

Rosie on the floor 003

“It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair.” ~ Taylor Swift

Right turn from US 64 onto Camino de la Placitas, about 200 yards down, and there stands a large coyote, in the middle of the snow-packed road, and he turns to gaze at me, and I at him, then the timelessness of the moment sweeps in to subsume our chance meeting, taking the mundane and tossing it right out the front door. I  gasp then smile and he trots away, to the right, seemingly unconcerned. Maybe I was wrong about him, maybe he was concerned. I couldn’t really tell. It’s always that way with others. You can see, you can feel, but you cannot tell for sure that your senses had it right. But I am empathic, not psychic. It was a coyote on a frigid snow-packed backroad. That’s all I know. That oughtta be enough. It was for me. The archetypal realm was not really a choice at that point, the driving conditions were too wretched. In my earlier days I might well have looked for the totem connection which, I might note, operates with or without my consent.

But that was yesterday. Today it is less than two hours before dawn. The cock has been crowing since I woke up at 4 AM, maybe before. The air temperature is -4º F and I am befuddled, once again, by my desire to call in to work, to take the day off, and to do . . .what? Never mind. I actually want to go to work. And I actually have enjoyed my two brief sojourns  out into the really really cold outdoors. Coffee? Check. Strong? Check. It’s all pretty routine as of yet. What else? No, really! What else? So, I steel myself against the outside world, knowing full well that it is going to be there, nefarious and skeevy folks and all. And tailgaters! Were my blood actually able to boil it would be tailgaters that did it. Newton’s three laws of motion should be on every DMV exam. I mean, don’t get me going because when I do I will not stop. It’s preordained. What this all boils down to is this – get off my ass! Literally and figuratively. Do it metaphorically as well, if you are up to it. Dude I know that I am being like all unsociable and stuff but it’s just the way it is bro. I mean, does sociability trump my right to sentience? Usually not. Most of social interactions are really quite nice and fulfilling. But some of it just basically tells you to shut the fuck up and get out of the way or you will pay the price. As far as tailgaters go this means that they commandeer your rear-view mirror and make it portray only unseemly things. That dude is a high price to pay. And as far as folks who are on a quest for vengeance that would be justice I just don’t friggin know. Dude really? Someone could get hurt. Be careful, you might put your eye out with that thing.

Wow, am I obscure today or what. It’s my end of year review. Honestly, in the coming year, if I could manage to leave town for good and reset my life in a new location I would do so with all due alacrity and dispatch. That’s my tantrum of the day. Don’t let it worry ya none, it don’t mean a thang. Yeh.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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