There Is No Cage

Milky Way 003-2


Here we have the lovely Milky Way. She’s a beauty, eh? I think she is the most beautiful cat in the cattery. So why is she behind bars? This is a philosophical question. Answer it and you are no further along from where you started . Which is kinda sorta where I am at this morning. It is wicked cold outside, -4º, and that alone brings challenge to a Sunday morning. High desert, high mountains, Sangre de Cristo range, it’s only natural. New Year’s Day is only days away. It’s cold this time of years. It’s not so much a matter of inconvenience, it’s a matter of having no choice. Questions of free will and inevitability are fun on a day like this. The cats have no such problem to solve. They are there, they are happy, for the most part, and they are only one step away from feral existence. Give them that, let them go wild, and you give them less than standard care. Which means, maybe, that you don’t care? We ain’t goin’ there this morning. You do care. Let’s leave it at that, k? The cats live within the parameters of society. There is no justice involved. There is no cage.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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