Life Before Laundry

Bell Rock 004

Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona, Arizona

Turns out I could use a good energy vortex right about now. I need some kind of new balance and it plain ain’t happen’. A situation of my own making? Of course. Destiny? Danged if I know. How could I know? Karmic recursive side trip? Ooo, I like that one. But the point of my rather, or better yet much too personal musings is that this past week has been much too awful, much too difficult to ride out, and much too annoying, all the way to the anxiety attack I had Friday morning before work. Ya ever had one of those, a real one? Don’t. I made it through the workday. If the attack had gone to panic I would have called in sick. But, all day long I had frequent rushes of anxiety, and I just had to ride them out.

It’s a sunny Sunday morning. I have to go blend some seed, feed, whatever, for the chickens and the turkey, feed them, then it’s off to the laundromat, which is often my church on Sunday. I’ll be reading from the Kindle app on the iPad while the machines spin my clothes until they are clean and dry. It’s a science fiction book I am reading and it’s light enough and good enough to distract me from the worrisome, paranoid, and morbid thoughts of late, and maybe I won’t be haunted by images of shadowy characters hiding behind boulders and trees. Now if those characters are actually existent I may be in trouble, but they ain’t real. Are they? Nah. How could they be? It’s the old run-away imagination thing. On we go.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

333 004




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