Yoga, Coffee, and Smart Phones

Isa 004

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”  ~ Cormac McCarthy

I did extensive and devoted yoga after my head trauma, which happened over three decades ago. I’d heard it helped. Seems it does. I’m okay now. Sorta. This morning’s coffee is delivering one of those moments, which are rare for me, of total coffee satisfaction. Perhaps it is my focus on healing that has given this cup of coffee it’s punch? Boy howdy you’d better believe it! A focus on healing can work magic. And yet a mindful appreciation of the coffee helps. I almost put a superlative at the end of that previous sentence but my good sense got the better of me. Try it yourself; pay attention to your coffee, unless of course you are driving, in which case it would be better to curse compassionately at the a-hole who is tailgating you. We must have priorities, no? Don’t flip him off though, he may spill his coffee. Then what?


I just took a break from writing to step outside and around to the concrete floor at the side of the house. I could see the deep coral hue hugging the ridges of Pueblo Canyon. Inspiring. Then I was distracted by Oscar the turkey, who was taking slow dinosaur steps toward the edge of the roof of the chicken coop. He stopped to stand on one leg, as if he thought he was a friggin flamingo or something. Eventually he will take the fluttering leap down to the ground, where he will wait at the chicken coop door until I go back out and open it.

Today’s opening photo is of Isabella the cat doing cat yoga. She has a protective e-collar, a plastic cone which mostly keeps her from scratching a wound on the side of her head. The local Animal Control officer told me that she had been attacked by a coyote. If so, it is a wonder she is alive at all. That attack has been pert near a year ago.  She’s slow in healing, because she has repeatedly aggravated the wound, but she will get there. Isabella is the ‘queen of the cattery’ at Stray Hearts Humane Society animal shelter of Taos. Come get her, she needs a good home. This girl is as outgoing as all get out. Personality plus. That’s what I’m sayin’. Who wouldn’t be after a coyote attack?

And me? On the mend from a sinus infection that is kicking my butt, and from the affects of the powerful antibiotic that is also kicking my butt. I will get there. Such a minor affliction as a sinus infection, yet it has me in this life mode that celebrates the wonder of existence on this nurturing planet that will shake us off like fleas should we push Her too far with our infernal tech meddling. Global warming? Don’t you get all heated up when you are about to get pissed off?

Snow is coming, they say. I’m down with that. A barefoot walk in the snow would do me a world of good. Connect with the Earth before you connect with your smart phone, k? Why do they call them “smart” when they don’t even leave you alone in your times of need? It’s all good, homie.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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