Is it Silly to Walk Through Walls?

Stray Hearts 004

“It’s my duty as a human being to be pissed off”  ~ Eric Bogosian

I made the coffee really strong this morning. Maybe because the day promises snow? Heck if I know. Above you see the animal shelter where I work. The five quonsets are housing areas for animals. The cattery is the one in the back row center. The rest are all for dogs. I really cherish my job and of course that means that I would hate to lose it. Even on days that I don’t feel like working I always find joy once I get there. There’s a lot of drama there but it is in high measure all about the animals. I could call their behavior drama but I really see it as instinct. They’re friggin locked in, give ’em a break. Drama, as a term and concept, has been dragged through the coals for the past decade or more. This puzzles me. It already had a definition.  .  .  Oh wait! I don’t know what I am talking about. What got into me? Silliness? You betcha. A friend put me up to it. No, really. I often get encouraged to be silly. But this time it was not encouragement so much as it was inspiration which gave birth to today’s silliness. It’s better than being pissed off, and it is much healthier in the long run, and  .  .  .  . ummm, it’s really quite spiritual as well. I mean, look at how much the Dalai Lama laughs. That’s my point, if I have one, and if I do have one it is between me and the wall, and sometimes ya just gotta walk right through that wall. Let’s go. Boy howdy I ain’t had a good adventure in quite some time. Come with me, k?!

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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