Idiot Compassion

Oscar 016

 “For me, to remember friendship is to recall those conversations that it seemed a sin to break off: the ones that made the sacrifice of the following day a trivial one.”~  Christopher Hitchens

Sometimes I don’t know where to start. I spent some time with the chickens, the rooster, and Oscar the turkey this morning. Don’t know why. I usually just give them some feed then leave them alone. I guess I just needed some company. I just reached the tipping point yesterday. My truncated hours at work, even though temporary and necessary, take a big bite out of my material life. Ouch, poor me. It’ll work out, and nobody, especially me, need be castigated for it. Dude it’s like all cool and stuff.

That’s really about it this morning. Pretty much anyway. My consciousness, due to the tipping point thingy, has shifted, it happened yesterday, and hopefully it went up a notch. Does it matter? It depends on your point of view. I’m going with the self-centered POV for now. I feel crunched and dazed, thusly I need some self-administered comfort. Housesitting for my ex will provide that for me. I really don’t think I want any company except for Mr. Sky the rat terrier. Hey, did you know that Teddy Roosevelt would have only rat terriers? Bully on that dude. But porch sitting at sunset, mountains in full unobstructed view, would be a nice place to sit and chat, so I am, once again, inviting Taylor Swift to come chat a while. There is deep intelligence there. I’d like to experience that in person. No friggin way, huh. That’s not the point. My own intelligence is couched in dullness these days. That is what I am looking for. I could and will find it again on my own. It’s just that Taylor, or Anne Hathaway, would make the discovery easier to bear. Come to think of it, Sarah Silverman would be good too, if she could keep it urbane. That’s important to me right now. People with an edge that veils their soul are really not my cup of tea these days. Let compassion flow. That’s what I say. Remember, you heard it here first.

“Idiot compassion is a great expression, which was actually coined by Trungpa Rinpoche. It refers to something we all do a lot of and call it compassion. In some ways, it’s whats called enabling. It’s the general tendency to give people what they want because you can’t bear to see them suffering.

Basically, you’re not giving them what they need. You’re trying to get away from your feeling of I can’t bear to see them suffering.

In other words, you’re doing it for yourself. You’re not really doing it for them.”   ~  Pema Chodron

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously, k?


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