Dances With Cats

Buddha Cat

“Getting hold of the difficulty deep down is what is hard. Because if it is grasped near the surface it simply remains the difficulty it was. It has to be pulled out by the roots; and that involves our beginning to think about these things in a new way. The change is as decisive as, for example, that from the alchemical to the chemical way of thinking. The new way of thinking is what is so hard to establish. Once the new way of thinking has been established, the old problems vanish; indeed they become hard to recapture. For they go with our way of expressing ourselves and, if we clothe ourselves in a new form of expression, the old problems are discarded along with the old garment.”   ~  Ludwig

Tis a difficult morning. Anxiety flushes me with pulses of itchy energy. The waves are much like the ones I saw wash upon the white sand beach at Navarre Beach, Florida, churning beneath a spray of brine, pushing forth white foam, up toward the surface, beneath a gray stormy sky. The wind? Harsh and somewhat chilled. This morning is like that. I want to jump out of my skin but the beauty I see in abundance says no, which is a confirmation, a covert yes. Sit still. This too shall pass. I often hate that phrase: “This too shall pass”. It gives me an image of George Harrison in a full lotus position, whereas I prefer to see him rocking out on stage. Dude like get up and dance. Yes I know that the stillness, the silence of mind, are a dance in themselves, but I’d like to see Ram Dass do that while you wail on your trusty guitar. Just sayin’ dude, get up. And here I am, dancing on my stool. I think I’ll get up and pour another cup of coffee. Yes, I’d like that.

“Cosmic humor, especially about your own predicament, is an important part of your journey.”  ~  Ram Dass

Now, I’m a huge fan of Cosmic Humor. I mean, who wouldn’t be. Don’t ask me for an example, because ya had ta be there, and that in itself is funny. I think I’m in this headspace/mood because I was listening to an audio book of Castaneda’s A Separate Reality yesterday, as I laid out a coat of weatherproofing on my ex’s front porch/deck. She’s giving me little jobs for pay, to help me through the low point of my life. My companions there were bluebirds and red finches. Honorable companions. And they sang sweetly as well. Hear that, Señor Harrison, Don George, get up and dance, and sing, like dude you are a master so ándele, k. As for me? I must work today to give service to cats. Kevin Costner, stand aside sir, I’m Dances with cats!

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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