Mystery Furthers

Stella 018

“The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.”   ~  Confucius

I’ll be looking for magic today. The real stuff, not sleight of hand. Neither one is hard to find. It was about 25 years ago that I came to the temporary conclusion that magic of the daily sort gets all bound up in creating the daily grind so many people must maintain. When creativity is maintenance there is still beauty within.

My life can be painfully simple at times. It doesn’t take much maintenance, and I often don’t even keep up with that requirement, but that is because I get such a kick out of seeing and feeling the magic that I forget to put it to practical use. My bad. I’m hooked on beauty, and a tad slack on completion. But it works. And then I have my quest to find whatever purpose that might be buried deep within the darkness that is depression.

The disorder itself can push things toward wastage, and that is one of the most exhausting things I know – fighting to remain strong against that force. It usually works. It can be done. I do it daily. Resignation happens rarely for me. And there is so much influence from society and culture that can etch darkly into plans and attempts at maintaining a positive attitude.

Perseverance furthers, right? Impeccability does as well. Not taking things personally? That too. Remembering to remain at the ready should a chance to shift a dream toward the Light comes along.

Is there an adversary afoot in the neighborhood, a nemesis? I can think of a couple right off the top of my head. But they are simply people doing what they do. Why we share the way we do, how we relate, how we employ our intersubjectivity  .  .  .  .   I don’t really know what I am on about here but it is deep within the field of dreams that is this Monday morning, and it means to express.

Should I carry love with me as I enter the day? Of friggin course. I’m not daft. It is always best to aim for healing, and then to cherish it when it arrives. That’s what I say. Midsummer has come. Fair Robin Goodfellow, that cheerful Trickster, has come to play. Maybe the Faerie Queen as well. Likely so. A sensuous movement, the broad stroke gesture of a smile, penetrating gaze, a sense of wonder. Yes. I’m going to like this day. Something wondrous is happening. Mystery furthers as well.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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