A Day In a Life


Long distance runaround
Long time waiting to feel the sound
I still remember the dream there
I still remember the time you said goodbye
~   Yes, Long Distance Runaround

One of the heroes from my adolescence has died, passed over, passed away, whatever. Yes, 43 years later he is still an inspiration, even in his death. Last August, the year 2014, I had the ginormous honor of seeing him perform in concert, down at the Route 66 Casino just west of Albuquerque. The man is Chris Squire, the band is Yes. “My my, hey hey, rock and roll is here to stay”, as Neil Young sang. Chris was 67 when he died; young. Others, still performing, Uncle Neil at 70, Paul McCartney at 73, Keith Richards at 72, Chuck Berry at 89(!)  .  .  .  and many many more. Maybe it is something about rock and roll, who can say. Yes, I’ve got a hero. The band was pitch-perfect last August. Seamless, tight. Thanks, Chris. RIP, man. Good journey my good sir.

Yes, I used yet another kitten photo today. Cats are the most popular thing on the internet. Go figure. It gets people’s attention. But mostly I simply adore kittens. They make me laugh; little clowns. It’s a very good thing they cannot fly. What then? I shudder to think of it. But moving on  .  .  .  with my full hours returned at work I am breathing easier, thank you, and my gratitude to the org. is bright. Thanks, folks. Hey, ya wanna see some kittens? Come look. Dang me, I was gonna leave the kittens and get on to other issues. Let’s go. I can’t begin to describe how I felt when I got the news about Chris Squire. It was big. Something shifted in me, something bright emerged unbidden. All y’all regular readers know by now that my serious writing tends to be sourced in death and dying. What I see with Chris is that because of the connection I feel with him I saw through the opening in the Veil that let him pass over into wherever it is that he went. Dude like send me a postcard dude. That opening of the Veil sent bright Light my way, a Light I have seen before. It’s a mystery. There are many people, countless people, who do not believe in the afterlife. Heck, I don’t believe in Donald Trump but there ya have it, my friends. I rest my case. Friggin nitwit.

I just went out through the gate to watch the sun crest the high mountain peaks. As I sat there a raven flew across the face of the sun. It flickered ever so lightly. I smiled. Legend has it that Raven gave us the sun, set it free from a hoarding man who wanted it for himself. There’s a lot of those around these days ( I’m talking to you, Mr. Trump). I’m ready for the day, for cats, for kittens, for walking through this life on my way toward eternity. Most days it is a pleasant stroll. Let’s get to it, k?

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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