Joy Incarnate


“Science enhances the moral value of life, because it furthers a love of truth and reverence—love of truth displaying itself in the constant endeavor to arrive at a more exact knowledge of the world of mind and matter around us, and reverence, because every advance in knowledge brings us face to face with the mystery of our own being.”  ~  Max Planck

The rooster did not crow this morning. Odd. Other than that it’s kittens. And more kittens. Our opening photo here today at EyeYotee blog is of kittens, kittens in a playroom. Yesterday the boss had 13-14 kittens in that room. I was taking a family of four out to see the little monkeys. I found myself having to crawl on all fours through the door to keep the kittens from bolting through the open door. That took some work. BTW, they are not really monkeys. Our former vet used to call them that. It stuck with me. Imagine me on all fours confronting the little beasts. I don’t know about you but I am amused. Now, I am looking forward to attending the SOMOS conference at the Old Courthouse on Sunday. Debra Diamond will read from her forthcoming book, Life after Near Death. I am one of 12 case studies she included in the book. This will be the first time I have met her in person. I’m excited. Other than that it’s kittens. And more kittens. Life brings joy in strange ways. Kittens are joy incarnate.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.



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