Comfort In Tradition

Diluted kitten 020

“Be on guard. The road widens, and many of the detours are seductive.”  ~  David Foster Wallace

That sound is back. It wasn’t there when I first went out this morning. The stars were intense that first time, something that has been rare since this long-standing humidity hit town. I’ve reported that sound before in this blog. It mystified me then just as it does now, but I have not heard it for weeks. I don’t know why I have never thought of it before, but this morning it occurred to me that it is the Taos Hum. So I googled it and the descriptions of the Hum matched what I’ve been hearing. There’s no mystery solved here; I have no idea what I am hearing, besides the ringing of my own ears. At least the rooster is crowing. There is comfort in tradition.

The second cup of coffee is treating me well. It’s been fatigue, for weeks now. The sweet Nurse Practitioner I saw two days ago proffered sinusitis as a possible cause. Well, I’ve had it for two months now, so it seems. Her prescription of antibiotics seems to be hitting the mark. The sinuses are opening up. It feels good to feel good again. How’s that for a daffy sentence. Chill dude I just have to write whacky on occasion, k? One purpose of this blog is to play, so I do. On that note, I have recently had a 13 year old girl as a Friday volunteer at the cattery. She’s articulate and comes across like a 16-17 year old. Yesterday she asked me why I had a blog, so I told her it was all about play and practice. Or, more accurately so, I tried to tell her, but she insisted that I had told her that before, and kinda sorta pushed me away from the subject. I was shut down by a thirteen year old girl. Oh, did I mention that one of the major stressors in my life is now gone? That and antibiotics stand to give promise to whittling away at this fatigue stuff. But it is all interesting.

Lately I’ve been experiencing a childlike wonder at life. It is usually some material world thing but I have also been fascinated as to how the heck we developed a mind that seems to be unfit for what we have to work with in this material world. What is really feeding this question of unfit minds is the growing awareness of the relationship between law enforcement and what seems to be the entire Black community. Something has gotta break sooner or later. Even sans opinion it is easy to see that something’s gotta give. We can explain away anything because we have grown so comfortable with the odd notion that our thoughts represent reality that we take things for granted that most certainly are not in any friggin way granted at all. But that gives us lot to work with, when we can ignore things staring us smack in the face. So, how does this figure in with my childlike wonder? It is because I look at what we could be if we just quit acting out of prolonged ignorance. I for one am intrigued by the concept of prolonged ignorance, and I hope to heaven to see it in a roadside museum some day, right alongside the rubber alligators and fake Indian arrows. Tally ho.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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