Pretty Basic Stuff


“A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar.”  ~  Stephan King

There was a little rain last night, and the clouds linger this morning, soft as down, soft as tinder down, silently kindling yet another brilliant Summer day. I’m ready. It’s about yesterday, when I baked myself atop an eight foot tall ramada, where I was applying weatherproofing caustic chemicals to much too dry wood, and money was why. I’m sayin’ it was hot up there, the work went slow, and the whole endeavor simply smacked of dizziness held at bay. I took a shower after that, drank a pint of Paddington ale, and generally otherwise prepared myself to go back out into the day, leaving my hermitage against my daft desires. Yeh verily I  .  .  .  wait just a danged minute here. I think the writing here is slipping up and over the top. My bad. I’ve gotta watch that kind of stuff. I’ve got to think of the reader, keeping it simple, using rhythm and grace to raise the issues at hand in the prose up to comprehensible levels. Yeah, right. Dude like just write and stuff, k?

I went to see and hear Debra Diamond speak yesterday, at the Old County Courthouse, a qui en Taos. Debra has written a book, Life After Near Death, which will be released in late January of 2016. The book examines cognitive and physiological after-effects from NDEs, and the transformation of the experiencers’ lives that accompanies these effects. Heady stuff. There are 12 case studies in the book and one of them is me. Imagine that. A brief passage in The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences, by Dr. Penny Sartori, was the first published acknowledgment of my NDE back in ’84. Debra’s will be the second. My own book doesn’t count because of course I mentioned myself. It’s hard not to in an autobiography. Silliness aside. I want to mention here exactly how this came about, how Debra and I made our connection. Debra in a psychic medium. She became interested in the after effects from NDEs from the standpoint of scientific physiological and cognitive changes, and she was moved to write a book about it. She sought input from other researchers, one of them being Penny Sartori, who has a rare PhD in Near Death Studies. Penny referred Debra to me, gave her my website (now gone, sorry) address, and Debra went on to the site. There she saw my photo and realized that she knew me from my cashier gig at the upscale natural foods supermarket where I used work. Debra was at her home on the east coast while she was doing this research but she used to live here in Taos. Synchronicity is the dangdest thing, right? She contacted a leading NDE researcher in Wales, UK, who referred her to me, and she knew me already. Weird. But this is a shiny example of just how large and mostly incomprehensible NDEs are. The implications that abound in NDE studies seem to reach for the stars. It’s that sort of scale we are talking about here. It’s not all about life after death any more than it is about life before death. It’s about energetics, and the information that gives guidance to energy. Energy is where it’s at. Information, ummm  .  .  .  well, it informs, it gives form to a level of being that lies beyond our normal senses. All y’all regular readers know how snarky I can get about “we are all connected” but it is true. And then, this all leads to consciousness, which is strongly suspected by researchers to exist outside the brain. We tune in, we get informed, and if we are so fortunate as to get a glimpse of what lies beyond our formal five senses we get enough awe-inspiring input to  .  .  .  hey, I’ve gotta go to work this morning, which is also a part of what I am on about here. I’ve got to shower, dress myself, get in my car, and drive down south side of town where I clean up after and play with cats. Yeah, I confer with them as well, upon matters of cosmic significance. Do you see what I am getting at here? What NDEs and their after-effects show is that – well it shows me – daily life is one part of the picture that should not be ignored. But there is much more out there. Many of us have seen it, and some of us want to share it with the world. Pretty basic stuff, right?

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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