And Now a Different Brand of Bitterness


“I will not say, do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.”  ~  J. R. R. Tolkien

I used to work  .  .  .  no, wait. Before I start, all y’all who came to see if I will write something bad? Just go away. Just go. Now. No, wait. First leave a note in the ‘comments’ section of this post, Identifying yourself. Thanks. Don’t be shy. I want to know who you are. The rest of y’all are gladly welcome to read today’s post. Thanks, yer a pal. Now, I used to work in an animal shelter, taking care of cats. I will miss that sorely. Of course I have a cat at home. I will still be able to clean her litter box, but it won’t be the same. Truth be told it ain’t heavy enough. There is a lot more shit at the shelter, but it won’t be mine to carry anymore. Poor me. Yes, I feel bitterness unlike any I have felt before. This time it’s about cats. And cats are special, so this is a different brand of bitterness and it will go a long way. Working with cats has been an honor, a truly high point in my life. Before working with cats I had achieved three goals in my life, and I knew in my heart that my whole life had been fulfilled. All of it. I didn’t have anything important to do, not anymore. I could coast. So, what are those three things? First, I found true love, I found my soulmate. She died back in ‘ 95, in her second fatal car crash. She actually survived the first one, and it was a true miracle that she did so. I choose to believe that she survived so that she and I could take the friendship to the level of destiny. But the second one killed her. Some destiny, right? The second thing was that I wrote and published a book, at the behest of a discarnate Being of Light. It sure was fun meeting her, that being! Boy howdy was it ever. Dude it was like righteous dude. The third was helping my mother die. That scarred me forever but it was the most important and the hardest thing I have ever done. And ever will. Ever. I could also include working with truly tropical tree trimmers, for Family Tree Landscaping and Tree Service, under the employ of the amazing, and now dead, Jeff Eckblom. But that was just a job. That had supreme value because it was so friggin fun, and I was deeply tanned and totally buff. Sorry girls I ain’t that way anymore, but I still have a nice personality. Now, about this other job  .  .  .  it was, as they say, all about the animals. From that I can conclude that I got laid off because of the animals. How friggin bizarre is that, right? The logic of my conclusion is rock solid so don’t even try it, k. You will not win this argument. There were actually 17 of us that got laid off yesterday, 7/27/2015. It is so fucking sad. Not to mention that I am shaking like an Aspen leaf, from the Bipolar 2 and PTSD disorders I bear. Big shocks do that to me, damn it. I am still in shock today, and I don’t care how long it lasts. Unemployment sucks. Unemployment payments do not. A few months ago, when my hours at the shelter got legitimately cut I complained to the shelter director. He castigated me for my having posted about it on Facebook and in this here blog. I had already deleted those posts before he rose unto castigation. He then said that I had maybe cast the shelter in a bad light. Yeah maybe I did. But this time I need not flirt with guilt and shame. This time they did it to themselves. This is two friggin Summers in a row that there has been big controversy at the shelter. Ain’t that fucking enough peeps? I mean, really? Really>! And one last note before I move on to the next paragraph  .  .  .  dude I know yer still reading dude. So I will publicly admit that I am still friends with the former Executive Director, and with that Vet fella that got metaphorically crucified.


That’s Scraggly in the photo. He was the only cat I hugged yesterday before I left. I would have hugged Lucas as well but he is not into that. Head to head I gave Scraggs some healing energy, and he gave me some as well. Sweet and generous guy, that cat. Now if you will excuse me I have to go into town to buy some new reading glasses. I lost the old ones last night due to too much beer, which was actually just enough. I’m typing this post with my prescription glasses. I ain’t seein’ too clearly this morning. One last note: to my former boss – you do a great job, ma’am, and I still love you kiddo. I know we had our differences. So what, right? Whatever.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


4 thoughts on “And Now a Different Brand of Bitterness

  1. Hi Ken. I’ve been following this nonsense at the shelter and it hurts. I hear complaints from folk about town whining about how much it cost to adopt a dog…but it costs because there is no other way to support the place. I miss the former director. I can’t say I miss the old vet because he made my life hell in the end, but I’m so sorry you and the others are out that job. Until I started teaching, it was hands down the most fulfilling job I had ever had.
    I am also sorry that people in town are already using the shelter cutbacks and layoffs as an excuse to complain about the airport expansions, which are entirely unrelated except by physical proximity. We should be worrying about the shelter right now.
    Keep goofing, dude.

    • Thanks you for your comment. Is that you, M? I am just brokenhearted today. I just hope this situation doesn’t continue the skid. It has potential of getting much worse. That need not happen.

  2. I am so deeply saddened by all this. I can’t really say I’m surprised!
    Are they accepting volunteers? Keep on writing! You’re good!!!!And I can’t really believe Harvey kinda, sorta threatened you because of your writing. How sick is that!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Jane. You make me feel excited when you praise my writing. Yes, thanks. I don’t know if they are accepting volunteers. Word is that we might be offered our jobs back but I was not told that. As for the sorta-threat writing thing I have dealt with that my whole writing life, which is most of my life. It just makes me sad and nauseous, with a side of no regrets.

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