Keeping an Eye on the Real World

oscar22 025

Here were people who believed with absolute faith and absolute dogmatism in something. And they were so serious in this matter that they insisted that the rest of the world agree with them. And then they would do things that were directly inconsistent with their own beliefs in order to maintain that what they said was true.”  ~  Richard Feynman

Say it ain’t so, Richard. Alas, tis true. Fox News has made it thus. Fools, I say, fools! Why I got into a socio-political mode, to start off today, is beyond me. Perhaps I was channeling, and believe you me Fox is not a channel to trifle with.

Enough of that. I have no plans on getting political here, but I do want to state two things, people, whatever, that have my total faith: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. That said, let’s move on. Coyotes came in close this morning, then quieted down in their proximity. I was bummed. I love their songs. Their Trickster presence is appreciated. Have no doubt of that. It’s been a surreal morning for me. I don’t think that very much of this feeling is situational. True, I am going through a brain-rattling transformation, but I have not lost track of the real world. It follows me everywhere. It bodes well for me to keep an eye on it! But sometimes it do get annoying; friggin reality, ya gotta love it. The part of my surreal feeling, if surreality can even have parts, is my discharge from employment at the animal shelter. It’s been one month now, bless their hearts. I’d say that it gets my goat but they don’t have goats there, just dogs and cats, and an occasional bunny. But what I really feel is that the laying off of 15 people, all at the same friggin time, was essentially surreal. In essence. Very nearly real, but it was real only in the sense that it smacked my pocketbook square in the jaw. That’s not a big deal at all. Nada problem. The rest of the whole action does not and will not make sense; no way no how. I won’t let it. The thing for me to do is, not to let it go, it is to change the way I see it, think about it, and how I receive it when it bothers my confounded mind. You don’t just cast aside a thing of wonder. Not cavalierly nor through indifference. Wonder makes a difference. Trust me on that. Meanwhile, I just came across a source of wonder on You Tube, of all places. It took me back to kindergarten in a flash. Whence I marvel at how, after 55 years, an old cartoon could be so prophetic of the current political climate in these here United States. President Obama is a Leo after all. I am speaking of an old kids cartoon “The King and Odie Show”. Wow. I’d better go see what is going on outside. It seems as if the doves are laying siege to the chicken coop. That is NOT a metaphor so don’t even try it. Shit, now the magpies have shown up. If this gets all Hitchcock on me I will just have to laugh as I bob and duck out to open the coop door. Oscar the turkey is already down on the ground, descended from his nightly perch atop the coop. Dude rocks!. Look. I got this shot yesterday morning. Oscar raises a mighty wind.


Well, the doves were gone and only one magpie remained. Problem solved. I think I’ll take my whimsical self and get on with the day.

Peace out. Goof gloriously.


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