Trickster on a Gray Day


“Who are these children
Who scheme and run wild
Who speak with their wings
And the way that they smile
What are the secrets
They trace in the sky
And why do you tremble
Each time they ride by”  ~  Steely Dan

There’s still some coffee left. It’s 54º outside. Rooster, stars, kind of a normal morning. Rosie the cat is on my lap. She’s been somewhat needy so far but maybe the lap will help. She never stays long because she doesn’t like me typing over her head. Yesterday’s gray day lingers with me. After 23 years in South Florida I am not such a sunshine lover. A gray day once in a while makes all the difference for me. Oh, I should mention that the Trickster did make an appearance yesterday. I was headed north, back home, along Millicent Rogers, a short ways past Rio Lucero, when the darned critter poked his head out of the dense brush along the left side of the road. He looked both ways, saw my car, then retreated the way he had come. I always get excited at a coyote sighting, and each time I immediately start looking for a totem significance. I couldn’t see details but I felt the rush of magic as the beast disappeared. As I mentioned yesterday I am pretty much resigned to soon riding out some shakeup in my life, and that synchronicity two days ago  .  .  .  well, let’s just say that the music of the Universe is playing my tune. I love a good mystery as long as it doesn’t bite.

Earlier yesterday, before the yotee I had a sweet conversation with a friend of mine, an old fella, about 84, who is a PhD psychologist. There was very little small talk. We talked about things that matter. I found it to be freeing and refreshing to use my intellect in a conversation because that kind of conversation doesn’t happen very much anymore. That’s part of what we talked about, the widespread dependence on smartphones and what it might suggest about the future of interpersonal and sociological relations. I hope it doesn’t mess things up, but Bill and I seemed to think it will. We talked about the difference in education between the U.S. and Europe. Bill goes to Europe twice a year and he is an astute observer. I was pretty much shocked when he told me the level of education happening over there, and he compared it to the growing lack of fluency in math and science over here. Not to mention the faltering of basic literacy and writing skills. That was the one that got me. I get pissed off several times every friggin morning at mistakes I find in articles and stories I read on this here internet, and many of them are on respectable,  even reputable websites. I won’t name names. Poor grammar? Duh, I mean come on now people! Boy howdy it ain’t no thang to learn to write good. Bill seemed amused at how I make mistakes on purpose in my writing. I do edit each blog post so any mistakes or just plain dumb stuff you find in my posts are probably intentional, k? At least I’m a hopin’ so.

After Bill I started on a bit of work I am doing to help out a friend, painting and stuff. While I worked I gave my intellect some more mind cookies. Listen, if I don’t slip my intellect a cookie or two on occasion it’ll likely go all bugfuck on me, at which point it teams up with my cognition, and the mayhem those two can lay out is not something I care to deal with. A good part of my depression, the part that is learned not genetic, comes from that mayhem. When you first go for treatment at the mental health clinic they have you fill out a three point plan designating exactly what you will do if you begin to feel suicidal. Number three on my list is “find something intellectual to read”. Hey, it works. It pulls me out when the darkness thickens unto black muck. Anyway  .  .  .  the first thing I listened to was an internet interview with Stuart Hammeroff, who is an anesthesiologist at the University of Arizona. He is one smart dude. He’s been working with Sir Roger Penrose, a British mathematic/physicist/philosopher, and they have come up with a theory that combines quantum computing with consciousness. I first learned of Hammeroff when I read a snippet from him that said that the theory can account for the reality of NDEs and After Death Communications. Speaking of which, the second interview I listened to was with Dr. Penny Sartori, whom I’ve mentioned here before. This stuff thrills me, and I get cookies as well.

I finished my day with a long conversation with an old and dear friend. We haven’t spoken in many years, and we have not seen each other in 30 years. Time flies. She made me smile and laugh last night. Such friends are good for the soul.

Let’s finish off this post and maybe I’ll get on with the day before too long. You never know.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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