The Overlook and the River

raven sunset 028

“I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sail.”  ~  Ricky Skaggs

“When sundown pales the sky
I want to hide a while behind your smile
And everywhere I’d look your eyes I’d find”  ~  Donovan

Seems I’m in a windy mood this morning, yet there is barely a breeze outside. Mmmm  .  .  .  maybe I should check that out before I continue. Veracity is often fun. Gone out. Backson. Bisy backson.

Nah, I was right. There is barely a breeze at all. The sky is the same slate gray that it was when I first woke up. I beat the cat to it this morning, deprived her of her usual alarm clock status. Alarm as in “Hey! There’s no kibble. What’s up with that?! Somebody’s slackin'”. I use my iPad as an alarm clock, so when I sat up I reached for it to turn off the alarm. When the screen came up the time read 2:22 AM. Ha! My inner New Age numerologist stepped right up to the plate and smiled. It means something. I’m sure it does, but I’ll deal with that later. My mood, along with being windy, is more poetic this morning, so analysis will have to wait. Multi-tasking is not one of my strong suits. I read an article in Tricycle Magazine a few years back, and the article said that from a Buddhist point of view multi-tasking makes us shallow, and I was like duh. We’ve already got enough of that as it is, we don’t need to push the envelope on everything. Says me. The opposition to this/my viewpoint is legion. Sigh. Now ain’t I the cynical one this morning. Next thing you know I’ll be griping about tailgaters. There’re some things ya jest gotta get used to.

I did some work to help a friend do some home improvement stuff yesterday. She lives way south of town. It felt good to get away from my hermitage for a while. It felt almost like traveling; a vacation or something. When I left her house I still had 90 minutes before my weekly therapy session. There was no sense in driving all the way home then back down into town since I’d only have 15-20 minutes to spend at home. So I bought a bag of Chili-cheese Fritos (I was hungry) and headed out State Highway 518, up into the mountains. That route is one of the most beautiful drives I know. It’s maybe 15-20 minutes up to US Hill, high up in the pass, where there is a scenic overlook that allows a view back down into the valley, where you can see the Town of Taos nestled in  a nook in the mountains. Above you can see Mount Wheeler, which is the highest point in the state. Sweet view. I watched tourists come and go, then finally had the place to myself. It is special to me because it was there that I took my mom for her last outing. She passed ten days later, but that outing was one of the things that helped her to go in beauty. While we were up there she fell into a conversation with a couple from Germany while I just sat, allowing her to savor the moment. On the way back down to the house I took her to a little riverside park next to the Little Rio Grande. That place was ripe with red willows going into their winter red phase, and even though it was nearly Samhain (Halloween) there were still plenty of aster blossoms. That cinched it for her. Asters were her favorite, so I gave her a pair of scissors and let her have at it. She gathered enough to make a bouquet to set atop the entertainment console, where it would be in clear view while she watched “Columbo”. I stopped both places yesterday. One must honor the Ancestors on occasion. But I was also there to commune with the mountain spirits. While at that little riverside park I’d told her that the mountain spirits would carry her as she prepared to cross over to the Other Side.

Mom 16 - Version 2

I’ll be heading back south of town to help my friend finish up this afternoon. The terrain is so much different down there that just being there is refreshing to the soul. The Taos area, here at the south tip of the San Luis Valley, has many different terrains, vistas, and sacred power spots. A lot of magic ’round these here parts. And UFOs and cattle mutilations, stuff like that. The Mysterious Valley, by Christopher O’Brien, is a wonderful book about the intense paranormal climate of the San Luis Valley. I highly recommend it.

The sunrise was muted yet quite beautiful this morning. Clouds moving in, looks like rain coming. We need it. While I was out there watching the sunrise I realized that the Equinox is about here. The Veil is parting. No wonder I am feeling the Ancestral Call. I’m tired down to the bones right now. This season change should be a good pick-me-up. I gotcha a couple of photos following the sign-off. The overlook and the river.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.





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