The Mouse at Midnight


“There’s always a story. It’s all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything’s got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.”  ~  Terry Pratchett

Sweet morning here. The world out on the highway is rising in a dull roar. Sunrise is only minutes away and I will have to get out there to watch, inspired to pay attention by the intensity of yesterday’s sky show. Nature, when she shines like she does these days, brings calm within any kind of storm you can imagine. I find great treasures along the path she provides of late. At a transition, transformation, whatever, point in my life I find that many small treasures have no qualities beyond beauty, and I would not want it to be any different. If only I could relax. Still, there is peace to be found within the tension. I’ve been awake most of the night. Woke up on toward midnight. Stayed awake about an hour then laid back down to sleep once again. A half an hour later the cat brought in a mouse, and the ruckus began. That close encounter squeezed the last bit of sleep out of me. I tried to help her some, but to no avail. There I was coaching “Just kill it!”. The mouse ran back behind a box under the table and the cat commenced to reach around one side then the other. At one point she reached her head around one side and the mouse came out the other side, ran around behind the cat and into the bathroom. The cat never saw a thing. I told her where the mouse went. She didn’t listen. That was my post-midnight adventure. The mouse remains alive and within the house. There may be more adventures before this is through. Sometimes I might look for a spiritual meaning in times like these, but this morning I think I’ll let that notion to serendipity. I recently wrote of seeing something bright along the road that leads to the next phase of my life. I’ve also got this image of me dog paddling in a pool of water that emits golden light and bathes me thoroughly. That little scene goes on within the mess my life is in. You can’t find a solution to  – ummmm – whatever, not on the same level that whatever happened. Transformation requires a high dose of morphogenesis, which is essentially form. In-formation. In-tension. Wow, how clever of me, but I like it. In-tension, in-formation. Somethings gonna come from it and it will be a beautiful blessing dragging a whole lot of growing pains with it. You never get over them, whether ya know it or not, right?

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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