Several Difficult Concepts



“There’s no coming to consciousness without pain.”  C. G. Jung

What’ll it be today? I seem to feel that I have little to write about lately, or maybe I am simply going through a period of being somewhat tired of writing. But I try to do it everyday regardless. Practice, practice, practice.  I’ve actually been finding interest in the political shenanigans and general dynamics lately. It’s seemingly a study in human relations. I’ve had two jobs since I moved to Taos, 21 years ago, that evoked an interest in the larger dynamics of these relations. Personal day to day one on one dynamics are much easier, for me anyway. But when a group of any size, where working to any extent as a team is required, I get baffled. Clique mentality is such a tenacious force that any softening of the force is hard to come by. But people do it anyway. I think it’s mostly a natural human characteristic that softens without too much effort. But this only goes so far. I have no answers, I’m just rattling, prattling, whatever. It happens when I am baffled.

I’m stoked about the snow on the mountains. I’ll go out in a few minutes to see if the mountains are visible yet. The clouds have been dissipating for three hours now. There is yet hope. The cat is laying at my side. She was restless earlier this morning, and I suspect that it was because of the wet deck. She wanted to go outside but she didn’t like the conditions out there. Speaking of conditions, my favorite news lately is that Dutch scientists have proven quantum entanglement. Granted, it is a difficult concept to wrap your head around. What I find exciting about the discovery is how it may be applied to parapsychological research. Clairvoyance is the first thing that comes to mind. This applies to seeing at a distance, or feeling at a distance, but it also is used as a term for seeing into the future. There is already strong evidence of backward time flow, so   .  .  .  well, I’m excited is what I am trying to say. The work of Dean Radin, of Edgar Mitchell’s Institute of Noetic Sciences, comes to mind.

The sunrise is gray, more so than my mood. The air is moist and cold. The past few days, mood-wise, have been as hard as they get. Some of it is situational, but mostly it’s the illness, yet all of it knocks the crap out of me when it gets bad. Cranky spine as well. The MRIs of my spine show a lot of glitches and other nasties. Of course the weather gets in there. A soft pillow and a chair is the best medicine. I always remember, when weather comes in, the suggestions from Seth, the non-corporeal entity channeled by Jane Roberts. Seth said that weather also contains emotional aspects, thus our moods are altered in ways that are not totally of the mind, especially not driven by opinion or personal taste. We are affected regardless. I know that some folks have little interest in considering that an entity like Seth is real. But bear in mind that Yale University keeps a full library of Jane’s work. So, it is significant nonetheless, real or not.

There’s some sunlight showing and the cat is over here mumbling in her sleep. I’ll meander on into the day. See ya.

Peace out, y’all, goof gloriously.


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