Soul Mates


“Having your head in the clouds is not a bad thing… as long as you take advantage of the inspiration you find while you’re there.”  ~  Misty Dawn Seidel

It has been a weird morning and the computer is acting up. Full moon, right? My mood has been truly strange as well, and I know that I have a strong effect on the computer when my energy is running high. It’s an electromagnetic thing, an effect that was with me when I came out of my NDE visionary journey. My ex-wife has been on my mind this morning, and I realized that I’d love to see her again. It’s been a little over 20 years. The divorce was 36 years ago. Lori Mellon is also on my mind. She was the love of my life, but both women were my soul mates. Full moon one week before Samhain, Halloween. Both events make the Veil thin. It’s going to be one helluva ride all week long. With these women on my mind  .  .  .  well, I know something is up. There is a reason that Spirit is holding them before me. How the heck should I know? Lori passed over back in ’95. That scar is my biggest. But Shannon left a scar as well, just not as big.

Moody boy here is going to keep it short and sweet this morning. There is big sweetness blanketing the worries that have been hounding me, so I’ll go with the sweetness today.

Peace out, y’all,goof gloriously.


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