The Generosity of Clouds


“I was born on the night of Samhain, when the barrier between the worlds is whisper-thin and when magic, old magic, sings its heady and sweet song to anyone who cares to hear it.”  ~  Carolyn MacCullough

Flat cloudy sky, maybe gray, maybe blue. It’s backlit by the moon, and it is giving rain, on and off. No stars, of course. I’ve been up since 2 AM, yet I got a respectable seven hours of sleep. My sleep patterns are fairly regular, but they will have to be reset if I am to go back in to society by getting a job. It is just a matter of when. But not today. I’ve been waiting for this sinus infection to go away. Today it has doubled down on me. I may have to visit urgent care today. We’ll see. Meanwhile I feel weak and heavy. Poor me. Four cups of coffee have only gone so far. The body has received them with a “yea, right” attitude yet the mind/brain has been somewhat supportive, a fact for which I am grateful. Likely I will have some more soon, before sunrise, which is well over an hour away.

I am well aware that I am giving a rather mundane account of my morning. In my heart I know it is the right thing to do. I’m all about magick today. A fair amount of magic is harbored jealously within the structure and applications of daily mundane reality. Meanwhile the generosity of clouds is lilting gently, a gift of rain. Rain, regardless of the severity, has a cleansing affect on psychic residue that has gone sour. This means a lot to me this morning. I’ve burnt a sage stick several times and I’ve got a single candle flame going, over on top of the bookcase, reason being for both is that someone is seriously broadcasting bad juju my way, and a large portion, if not all of it, is on mark.

A psychic attack need not be a conscious thing at all. Someone who is way pissed at you can rattle your energy field in a big way; and I suspect that quantum entanglement is the medium. But I think that this attack is conscious, and a followup of one I had to return to sender nearly two months ago. This stuff gets tiresome, and it is even entering my dreams, which is a rude violation indeed, so I must say  .  . .  dang it, woman, a friggin nuff already! Don’t make me come down there. For my more pragmatic readers I want to mention that skepticism is welcome. And for any New Age leaners I’d like to mention that I am not bringing this on myself. Dark magick needs no cooperation to hit the mark. Meanwhile I am grabbing hold of the assault and slinging it back home, from whence it came, a little more forceful this time. Twas a scene from a dream, that followed me into waking consciousness, as I awoke at 2 AM, that tipped me off. My Guardian Angel nodded her head in agreement with my assessment of the bad connection going on. She rarely steps in to a situation, but when she does, effectiveness is the word of the day. This one I will handle myself. I’ve seen her in action and it was equal measures of terror and blessing. Spirits of her type hold awesome power. The time that a van came through the wall of our house in Talpa she showed up to help me avoid serious harm. She may have saved my life. The van very nearly struck me! My point is that to behold her in action was emotionally, mentally, and physically overwhelming.

I just stepped outside of the yard to better see the sky. First light is flowing in. It looks like there is significant snow up on the mountains. The air is humid and close, rich with moisture. And the moon is showing slightly through the clouds. I feel the beauty of the day. There are errands to run in town, and, as I mentioned above, I may go to urgent care as well. I hate being sick. Who doesn’t, right? All of that negative psychic stuff can be a big energy drain. Writing about it helps me bring my feet back to the ground, because problems are rarely solved when you don’t have your feet on the ground.

Peace out, y’all, goof gloriously.


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