This I know


“I see us giving love to each other in a time of quiet between storms. It’s what we were meant to do.”  Frank Herbert, Dune

Yes, I am a storm lover from way back. That is not “way back” as in Mister Peabody and Sherman, although I would happily give their time machine a spin. Just imagine. The again, one timeline holds more than enough trouble than we humans can handle. Maybe, better not. My bad. It’s 29º degrees outside, and still dark. I’m minutes away from my third bout of stepping out the door. The sub-freezing air has so far been refreshing. The stars are looking pretty good, but they hang up there, a tad pale. At least the skunk will be hibernating. He walked past a few nights ago, a black and white wonder in the night, and shocked me into instant stillness. His tail was erect and I just had to wait for him to go away, which he did. I love everything Nature does, but I have limits. I’m like yeah yeah yeah dude, yer all pretty and stuff, now go away. Life should be so simple. Can you say stuff like that to humans as well? I can think of a few right off the top of my head. My chosen villains are cartoon versions of villains yet villains nonetheless.

Another beautiful day is at hand. First light is close to revealing the sun. My misery this morning is from a sinus infection. So, yeah, I did the urgent care thing yesterday. Doxycycline. We’ll see. And the doctor, Nurse Practitioner, whatever, was very pretty. I love that in a health care provider. And she was very good, very thorough as well. That’s another thing I like. Solid eye contact with a very pretty woman made me feel better on the spot. I know it’s not polite to stare but we were having a serious discussion about the inside of my head. Don’t take that the wrong way, k? Boy howdy, some things just come along in the most serendipitous ways. Yeah, I feel better.


So  .  .  .  today is Samhain. New Year in the Celtic tradition. It marks the final death of the God, and the beginning of the birth he has coming. Round and round. It’s a neat system. I’ll be hangin with the Ancestors all day. Tonight I have the honor of hangin with the dog as well. My ex has a place to go so I am on dog duty. The dog is on hospice; renal and liver failure. He’s taking it very well, for an old fella. With my interest and experience with death I find myself oddly calm and of good humor. This little fella is my bud. So, yup, tears happen. I hope to be there when he passes. But not tonight. He’s a mamas boy. He’ll wait until she’s there. This I know.

Peace out, y’all, goof gloriously.


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