Breath You Must


“People who don’t expect justice don’t have to suffer disappointment.”   ~  Isaac Asimov

First it’s coming and then it’s not. The storm, that is. I deftly wish that inner storms were so unreliable. Today’s opening photo is from a winter storm in early 2010. Now, don’t tell me it ain’t so, Mr. Trump, I’ve got metadata in my software that tell me so. Rather convenient, dude. Anyway, that friggin guy has a way of sticking in my mind. The storm that ain’t coming is the big one that the weather service forecast, and then they didn’t. I always revel in fresh snow from a healthy storm. It’s the flower child Nature boy in me. Change! It chills the town, and most everybody is so understandably focused on the needs cast forth by such a winter storm that there is little room for, shall we say, tomfoolery. Cynicism floats much too close, right over my left shoulder. I’m a fan of Thoreau’s Walden, probably because of the the cynicism about society thing. My dad told me that a depressive shouldn’t be reading Thoreau. I don’t know what got into me. But it is a classic, and I love it for his writing style and skill. Me thinks we can call it art as well. So no snow; what shall I do? Note: I just used a semi-colon. Vonnegut, Kurt, not Mark, said a writer should toss semi-colons in an appropriate trash container. But they are a good tool for punctuation where commas feel all clunky and stuff. So is proper grammar, yet I like to use vernacular at times, for the very same reason. Proper grammar is sometimes all clunky and stuff. Granted, I have no higher education. What does that mean, anyway? Back to the snow. I’ll suck it in, up, whatever, and soldier on. Tally ho, boy howdy, whatever.

I’ve been notably disturbed by the usage of blatant lies by some, if not many Presidential candidates. My problem with it is that it reminds me of daily life. I’ve worked in retail and service jobs most of my adult life. One series of incidents sticks in my craw at times. Gossipy stuff, granted. What happened is that I was openly confronted numerous times, by two different people, over my disruptive behavior, and my conservative outlook as well. And I was like wha’? Conservative? What kind of bullshit is this? I steeled myself in case the Jesus stuff followed, but it did not. Lucky me. I’m not at all shy about acting and speaking from my pagan perspective, which is more fact-based and rational than the label might suggest. Conservative?!  Why I oughtta  .  .  .  let me at ’em. But it became clear to me that, at whatever level of awareness, and I suspect that it was near the bottom of the scale, they and their friends had painted me in a particular way, and they were all essentially creating reality, and doing my thinking for me. Yeah, free speech and all that, right? I told that to one woman. I told her that if she was going to do my thinking for me she was going to have to do a much better job. The situation eventually degraded into gaslighting, which was verified by a second party, who gasped when the truth was revealed. Now, to my point, to these blatant lies. Think Fox News and conservative (my point exactly!) candidates. Think back to when Donald Rumsfeld said that his cadre, in the higher echelons of power politics, the players, the winners, created reality, and that the rest of us must simply study that reality, because that was our place. If that is the truth then these expressions are not lies, they are tools. So are some of the perpetrators.

Wow, I’m in a down cycle. Too much death in such a short time. The cycles are not always self-imposed. Situational depression can sometimes trip the auto-cycles. That’s me, today. I’ve been looking at my blog stats and my readership is at an all time low. There are tools available, through the software, that I could use to maybe bump up the numbers a tad, by using feelers and going for ‘clicks’; and there is advertising as well. I ain’t goin’ there at this point. I’ll live with the scarcity. I’ve mentioned before that my stats go up high when I write about my most recent job at the animal shelter. I can’t honestly say I am past that, but it doesn’t seem to have a point, and those folks are doing a good job, as far as I can see. Over the weekend I got me some high stats when I wrote about Babu the wonder dog. I had braced myself in mentioning the good doctor in that post, but he was an essential, critical part of the story, yet my including him in the post likely riled some folks. My point here is that I seem to have run out of blog fodder. Don’t ya just love that term?! Blog fodder? Say it fast a couple of times. It almost sounds like an expletive. Point is that my inspiration is way low, and I have been tempted over that past few day to hang it up, to cease blogging altogether. I could probably switch over to more spiritual stuff, along with the latest in consciousness studies. But that would require some research that would still take me offline, into blog silence, for quite a while anyway, while I brush up on my material. My mind is way foggy these days, and thought stuff doesn’t last long at all through the passage of time. Wow, here comes my new guru right now! “In the moment you must stay. Breath you must. Beware of the dark side. Afraid you will be”. That’s enough for the day. Chow.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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