What He Said


“I’ve got something inside of me, peasantlike and stubborn, and I’m in it till the end of the race.”  ~  Truman Capote

Second pot of coffee is on. This budget friendly coffee seems to be low in caffeine. The full moon looks to be swaddled in clouds. Yes, I know it is clear up above the clouds, but I am going to pretend on this one. Poetic license is a passable explanation. There’s been some back and forth between coyotes and dogs, and a couple of skirmishes between me and that darned cat. My comment about the moon, clouds, and clear sky, was inspired by something I did this morning. I guess we’ve all seen some wacky and/or scary stuff on Facebook. There’s one ongoing series by someone I know, who is into conspiracy theories. I’ve been just letting it go, sometimes having a glance just to be informed about what stuff is out there. Those last two words are a double entendre and meant to be taken that way. But one post this morning pushed me to turn off all of the post without unfriending this person. The post linked to an article about how some Obama Administration official spilled the beans, revealing that the Sandy Hook massacre in fact never happened. It was a ‘false flag’ operation, meant to provide an excuse to take everybody and their dogs’ guns away from them. Never happened. No children died. This appalled me. Insult is far too tame a word when it comes to the families that lost their children. I can tolerate a lot, but this was way over my top. Had to get this off of my chest. Wow. I could tolerate Nazis and flying saucers on the moon and in Argentina, Elvis hangin with Michael Jackson in Shangri-La, but this was too much.

Thanksgiving Day, right? You betcha. I feel gratitude for much in my life, and for the gift of simply being able to know what engenders gratitude. Conscious awareness. Sentience. Love. All big, all indispensable.

My poor brain. The tinnitus is shrieking this morning. Achin’ back, headache, cotton eyes, and countless other “poor me” phenomena. At least the cat is asleep. I’ve no desire to tangle with her again. I’ve no desire to tangle with anybody. My auto-correct just put “antibody” rather than “anybody”. But what if antibodies did come at me? From who? From what? OMG, do you think that Gaia has antibodies? If so we might be in deep doo doo.

The sky is lightening nicely, but the clouds remain. Maybe some rain? It would be nice. I am in a rainy day mood. One hen has started to converse with the morning. I heard the turkey whoosh down from atop the coop. A raven whooshed overhead, hidden by the eaves. I’ll have to go out and tend to the birds soon. Then there is dinner and a movie with the ex. It will be strange without the dog, so we are going to watch the Westminster Dog Show. We could never do that before because the dog would wear himself out lunging at the screen, trying to get through and get at them other doggies. He will be missed. Noisy little dude. He believed that the stuff on the TV was real. He has a lot of company in this nation. Of course I am mostly referring to Fox News. These Republicans are really pissing me off! I maxed out when the black man at one of Trump’s events got thrown to the ground, and kicked, and choked. The candidate endorsed the assault. Enough of that. I don’t want to get all worked up like I did with the cat. Peace and love. That’s the ticket. I love my cat. I don’t love that Fascist bastard at the podium.

 Let’s wrap it up, friends. I’m down and sad, yet I am rousing a healthy sense of humor today. I had no idea I could squeeze this many words out of this exhausted brain. Who was it? I think it was Ray Bradbury who said that to write he would take in as much information as he could then squeeze his brain to see what comes out. Yeah, what he said.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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