Prints in the Snow


“Outside shadows are blue, I read, because they are lighted by the blue sky and not the yellow sun. Their blueness bespeaks infinitesimal particles scattered down inestimable distance.”  ~  Annie Dillard

A beautiful morning here.  The air temperature might turn some off but I find it refreshing. A little brisk wind earlier. Coffee and cat, one trying to sleep, the other trying to wake up. I wish them both well. The coffee seems more a balm for the throat, while the caffeine within does it’s best, to no avail. Dang, I was hoping for clarity. My bad. I’m becoming aware that my abundance of alone time is starting to take a toll. Loneliness ain’t healthy, after a while. I know, I know, you are never alone. Let’s move on. Forward. Into the Light. Whatever. I’ve wanted to get back in to my consciousness studies, but for some reason I am having a time of it. Perhaps it’s because my consciousness has been relatively slack of late? Yeah, perhaps. I remind myself that to walk out of a fog  .  .  .  you either have to wait for it to lift or just start walking. I’m waiting. Wish me luck. Meanwhile there is the truly shocking antics of the ‘Just, Right’ Presidential candidates. Trailblazers, to be sure. Not a trail I’d ever want to walk on, without good boots, and even then  .  .  .  well, I don’t know if I have any right-leaning readers. Would it matter? It might. I sometimes have a hard time expressing myself when reliable contradiction is at hand. To paraphrase an old counterculture activist, Paul Krassner, there are an awful lot of realities floating around these days. He’s right, ya know. Friggin hippie, Yippies, whatever.

That 6th grade incident I’ve mentioned the past two days is still at me. It will haunt me for some time to come. I have no doubt of that. Where does cognition go when it is commandeered by base assumptions that are in essence wrong? That is a profound question. I remind myself that when – as now – life gets confusing and nearly seems insoluble, it is best to stick with questions, as answers have clearly failed the test of actual positive results. Questions stir up creativity. Answers,  not so much. What that might mean to me, on this very day, at this flickering point and place it time, within the ragged parameters of my plight, is anybody’s guess, but I’ll do the guessin’ ’round here, bucko, so let’s just leave it at that. Wow. I seem to be a little testy today. I’d add that to my list of faults, but I don’t actually consider it to be a fault. That list is pretty much in tatters anyway, which is a good thing, because a faulty mental lens can wreck havoc with an otherwise healthy mind. We use lenses like that. I like to sometimes take my glasses off when looking at Nature. It’s that way with my 6th grade incident.

Lovely sunrise. My batteries ran dead in my camera and fresh ones don’t fit in the budget until next week. My view of the sunrise looks down through Pueblo Canyon. It’s gray out there, but there are also some beautiful shades of copper. When I first stepped through the gate I saw an odd sight. There are three concrete landscaping slabs there. A light dusting of overnight snow, dry and evenly distributed, allowed me to see the story of who visited this morning. There were cat prints, but the way they set in the snow didn’t make sense. I puzzled over it for a while, leaned over to see if a changed perspective would help, but I remained confused until I saw the prints nearest the wooden gate. A pair of prints, side by side, with slide marks leading toward the gate. Somebody was running and came to a slippery halt. That’s my tracker moment for the day. Larger mysteries remain, life issues and dormant dreams. But they can all wait. Obligations will fill my day. It’s going to be a long week.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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