The Fox and the Fog

snow shack 032.jpg

“The time is a critical one, for it marks the beginning of the second half of life, when a metanoia, a mental transformation, not infrequently occurs.” ~  Carl Jung

“Analysis does not transform consciousness.”    ~  Jiddu Krishnamurti

No doubt, I will miss the fog, but after several days of almost storms it was sweet to have clear skies and exquisitely honed sunlight yesterday. My mind should be so clear. It was looking like I might skip the blog post today, but I pulled it out after all. Part of the inner fog is that I have been feeling kind of skittish of late, stemming from something a friend said to me the other day, and in essence he seemed to be saying that my experience is no different than anyone’s. I’m sure he did not mean it that way, but I heard it as such. I’ve been criticized for making this blog too personal. Over-sharing. Whatever. I do take that into consideration, and my inner scribe admonishes me to stay the coarse, because deviation from the personal would leave me with no option other than to shut it down. That just would not do.

I’m having a hard time getting warm this morning, but the sun will be up soon, and its light will shift perspective, and warm the air as well. My game these days is stretching my mindfulness, as well as my posture. Something really stunned me the other day. I got a pop up ad while browsing the internet. This ad was exposing the virtues of mindfulness meditation. Funny note, speaking of mindfulness, I just did a quick edit sweep and found that I apparently did the typo thing and the computer did it’s best at guessing what I was trying to type. So instead of “the virtues of mindfulness” we got “the virus of mindfulness”. I really really like that phrase. Anyway, the pop up ad turned out to be for Aetna Health Insurance. I like it. Sure, mindfulness meditation would likely fatten their bottom line, but mainly it would be great if more people practiced mindfulness; that is if they did so without attaching goals to the practice. That’s ego stuff, and yet one could also just observe the ego trying to sneak one in there. There are indeed many layers in spiritual growth. I don’t like the onion analogy – you’d end up in tears each time you peeled away a layer. Tears of joy would be way cool dude but chemical fumes from a veggie? Not so much. Of course when I tried to replace the onion with an avocado I peeled away a layer and found only mush. So I became One with the mush. Guacamole meditation. No wonder some people find guacamole to be comfort food, it has such a warm embracing nature.

There has also been a fair amount of paranoia lately. I’ve got two people from the shelter on my mind and of course my first inclination is to suspect that they are out to get me. It doesn’t really help to know that someone was out to get me. What about now? This is clearly counterproductive leave that friggin messed up thinking to the past stuff. Walk on. Let it go child. There is only the moment. That last sentence is the giggle maker for me. I never really thought otherwise, unless I was doing thought experiments on non-linear time. Simultaneous time. That’s a good one too.

It appears I was hasty in dismissing the fog. It is here, as close and frigid as ever. Raven, hawk, magpie, rabbit, donkey, falcon, fox. Fox?! Yup. I’ve been seeing those tracks in the snow for several days. I finally remembered to look it up. It’s a fox alright. The morning is good with such company. It’s time to get to it, to publish this post and find out what the heck I will do today.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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