Make It So

utility 038.jpg

“Get this in mind early: We never grow up.”  ~  Richard Bach

In the past half year I have gone from the airy ideological realm of service to animals on into a vocation that is in essence nuts and bolts. Yes, I work in a hardware store and I am not too proud to resort to a bad pun on a Sunday morning. Working in a store, as a customer serve rep and cashier is service as well, by definition, but until you have scooped 40 pounds of cat shit each day, throughout a summer where the room temperature rises over 100º, daily, without fail, you don’t know how deep service can go; and then working under someone who would like you to be gone as well. Ain’t I the cynical one today. Not really. Just feelin’ grumpy because I feel ill, from four days of successful and happy performance on the job, after six months of unemployment. It is totally worth it, regardless of the fact that I have been overriding the mental strain of being out in public again. Poor me, right? It’s okay, really. I’ve found some tasty stuff to read this morning. The dark side, however, in the guise of one Donald Trump, won’t daunt me none, because I sense that his prominence will lead, after much angst, to something humorous. Let’s hope. I believe that for now it is quite alright to fear his actions. I mean, come on now  .  .  .  head-butting the pope?! I could deal with that if it were Benedict, but Francis is a cool dude, and Donald ain’t nothing of the sort. Stupidity and cleverness are not mutually exclusive. Remember that. And no, I don’t know what to do today, but whatever it is it will involve profound rest. Actually, when I think about it, it is well within my power to not only make it so, but to also make it the day’s only true priority. That was Captain Jean Luc Picard said that: “make it so”. That might not be such a bad idea actually, to binge watch some Star Trek Next Gen episodes. I just had a serious deja vu while writing that previous sentence. Time curls back on itself, don’tcha know, and sometimes those curls get pretty big. Linear clock time is a mechanical illusion. Watch the movie “Mindwalk” and you will get a brief glimpse of what I mean. It’s a fabulous and thoughtful film. Click here, if you have the time. I highly recommend it. As for time, I don’t feel tired today because I am old. I feel tired today as if I were old. There’s a world of difference. And I have all the time in the world to make a difference.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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