In a White Room

storm tree 038.jpeg

“I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines;
Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves”  ~  Cream

I stopped at El Prado Liquor yesterday evening to fulfill my daily beer quota, a pint and a miniature of whiskey. The kid that works the counter on Sundays is a cool guy, 30-something Spanish man, shaved head, mustache, big smile. He had the local classic rock station on the radio, and they were playing “White Room” by Cream, and I was like yeah buddy! As I headed for the cooler I told the kid that Cream was my first rock concert, back in ’67, when I was 13 years old, and he says “No way”. Beer in hand as I approached the counter, another Anglo boomer walked through the door. He cocked his ear up to the music. “Cream?”. Yeah buddy. The three of us commenced to have a sweet conversation about the music, which was still playing. The chat reached its climax when I told the kid that Eric Clapton was in Cream. He said, “Wow! I never knew that Clapton was in Cream”. And that was that, or it woulda been had the whole memory not lingered in my mind, on into this morning. What strikes me as odd about all this and that is in examining the chance encounter I realized that ’67 was very nearly 50 years ago.! Just how did that happen?! Linear time is such a bitch. I’d say that reality has set in were it not for the fact that the evidence of that is sorely lacking.

The full Snow Moon has just slipped behind the rise in the mesa, and then it was gone, remembered only by its fading glow. Sweet. It seems this February’s full moon is aptly named this year. The forecast is for snow tonight, and wind; maybe an inch; a blessed relief from the spell of Spring warmth that has been for the past many days. Bring it on. It’s been years since I retained the love for winter weather on through the season, but I most certainly have this year. I think it is because this has been kinda sorta my Winter of Discontent. No, wait! Did I say 50 friggin years!? What’s up with that. It’s messed up. No biggie. The fact only bolsters my seemingly permanent existential mini-crisis. Again, no biggie. It’s like all Perpetual Change and stuff.

“And one peculiar point I see
As one of many ones of me
As truth is gathered, I rearrange
Inside out, outside in
Inside out, outside in
Perpetual change”  ~  Yes

Onward. “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day”. It’s a workday after one day off, and then there will be two days off. Tomorrow is the cat’s visit to the clinic to get her blood sugar checked. Then on Wednesday I’ll drive down to to Santa Fe to visit the Social Security office to get a replacement for my SS card, which has been amongst the missing for at least 35 years. Yet the card number, my Federal citizen designation, is lodged in my Boomer head, as are so many other things. I will also ask about early retirement, and if I can keep Medicaid if I do. That would be sweet. They are hip to that at work. I think I’ll leave it at that. It’s time to feed and medicate the cat, and then onward to work. Moving forward. It’s a new day. Clear highway, bright sunny sky. It’s all good, right? Yeah buddy!

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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