Magic Upon Beltane Eve


Little Rio Grande at Pot Creek

“I says to myself, I reckon a body that ups and tells the truth when he is in a tight place is taking considerable many resks, though I ain’t had no experience, and can’t say for certain; but it looks so to me, anyway…”  ~ Huckleberry Finn

Ursa Major is my morning companion, every morning that is free of clouds during the dark hours before dawn. Yesterday’s rain and snow and sleet has passed, and although the storm is forecast to go on well into tomorrow the clouds have parted just now. I was out there to see the clearing happen. I have nothing against clouds. I love a rainy night, right? Thanks, Eddy Rabbit! It’s the change that thrills. Earlier, my first outing of the morning, I was thinking about how it is said that when dogs are barking unaccountably at night that the goddess Hecate is passing through. At that moment dogs started barking unaccountably and I got the good chills bigtime. Tis Beltane Eve, my sisters and brothers. The Veil is thin at this time, when Summer begins. Bear in mind that I practice “Model Agnosticism”, a term coined by the late great Robert Anton Wilson, and that means that I can go all materialist on you one minute, then slip right into neopaganism the next, then the next I am attempting to glean meaning from the LRH at CERN, seeking a glimpse at dark matter, then the next alls I want is to have a pint of Guinness on tap, and a shot of Jameson’s, at the Whitehorse Tavern, in the West Village of Greenwich, with the ghost of Dylan Thomas. Poetry is not to be neglected. But, as it is Beltane, I am going with the neopagan tack. Yes I felt Hecate passing through the ‘hood, and yes I asked my cat to protect me from dark witches. She was down with that BTW. And yes, the Goddess did bless me through some delightful flirting done by a sweet, young, and beautiful, young Costa Rican woman, on my behalf. OMG. And that encounter busted up a deep dark spell in the mental illness I bear. When in the dark spaces it is easier for the dark witches to come round. It is a myth that you must allow dark magic to affect you; you must accede to the force; you must give in, open to through timidity or ignorance, or simply say get it over with I’ve got a life to live here. One must be prudent, and one must also look to love for protection. I’ve got Brighid, Hecate, and Ursa Major in my posse this morning, and a workday ahead of me. What will the Mother Goddess bring me today?

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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