Scavengers of Discarded Desire

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“I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist.”  ~  Billy Joel

“The aim of language…is to communicate…to impart to others the results one has obtained…As I talk, I reveal the situation…I reveal it to myself and to others in order to change it.”  ~  Jean-Paul Sartre

This afternoon I will allow some tech to feed me into a Star Trek tube to have the bejeezes shaken outta my electrons. Should be fun. No, I mean it. I have a lot of feelings stirred up by all of this. It’s not just what might be revealed, it’s more that I might find out that all of this neck pain is pretty much just a condition I will have to live with from here on out. Then what? Deal with it. Period. I mean, with all of this New Age and post-New Age learning shouldn’t I be healing by now? I am, I am. Healing is not solely a physical thing. If I read the late great Stephen Levine correctly, healing is an endeavor fueled best by mercy. Yeah, compassion too, but the mercy is what I’m talking about. I had the great honor of having a great hug from Stephen, right there in front of the salad bar at Whole Foods in Santa Fe. His wife Ondrea gives a splendid hug as well. Our meeting there was totally serendipitous. Imagine that. I already knew Ondrea. She helped me through the slow death of my mother. I can’t say enough, it’s a silence kind of thing anyway. Moving forward  .  .  .  what about healing? I’ve been feeling a little ill for a few months now. When I first began physical therapy, to attend to a sharp, tear-inducing pain between my shoulder blades, I decided to focus on my neck first, and let other health concerns ride, unless they became urgent, which they likely will not. The thing is that as the excellent coaching from the lovely Alicia began to whittle away at the upper back pain it became clear that the pain in the neck was, is, whatever, worse than I knew, because with the back pain it all kind of flowed together. Now what? I plan (if you can call it that) to rest (if you can call it that) throughout the day, until the MRI appointment at 2:30 PM. Now, there was just a bustle out in the chicken coop. The security lamp out there was tripped this morning, earlier. I haven’t seen it on in many weeks. Skunk? Likely so. Little egg suckers. I meant to write about the internet hive consciousness today, but it didn’t end up that way. Oh well.  I guess what threw me off was a statement in an article I read this morning, calling “it is what it is” a cliche. I agree. But now that I think about it, it reminds me of the late great Robert Anton Wilson, discussing General Semantics, and in his interpretation a greatly helpful practice is to strive to eliminate the word “is” from one’s vocabulary, which reminds me of some of the discussions at the old online Noetic Cafe, under the sponsorship of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, back at the turn of the century. Some of them people wanted to eliminate “me” from our vocabularies. I don’t know, but I also remember clashing with several regulars at the Cafe, who had this skeevy idea that in the name of interconnectivity they could snatch and grab and do what they wanted with my ideas, thoughts, and feelings; which, of course, is true. I also remember that the Cafe was the place where I first heard talk of the practical applications of “you create your own reality”. That idea, of course, has now shown it’s dark side through the auspices of the campaign staff and the leader of the Donald Trump campaign. Geez, I’m gonna quit this blog post right NOW! Just kidding. Noetic humor often leaves something to be desired, unless, of course, you are a Buddhist, and have left desire at the roadside, somewhere along the path. Ummm, you never know who might pick up your discarded desire, and how they might use it. It gets complicated.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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