Wordless By Nature


“You are like a lantern swathed and covered, hidden away in a dark place. Yet the light shines; they could not put out the light. They could not hide you.”  ~  Ursula K. LeGuin

It’s a magical morning; or maybe it’s just me. There was considerable rain overnight and the dark of morning has a shine as a result. The first pot of coffee is nearly gone, the cat is cute on her bed, and sound asleep. I’m still deep into memories of the animal shelter, and how human doings there, some quite dark, affected animals who were passing through. I’ve written before of the bond that arose between those of us who befriended one another. I had coffee yesterday with yet another former worker from the shelter. What we did there was so powerful. What we do now is powerful as well; educated as we are about some levels of life that can never be lost. Life is so vast, much of it untouched, but not this. This is a treasure to behold, this deep love, from handling strays and getting them home, this wordless understanding of how intersubjective communications are wordless by nature, like the look in a cat’s eyes when it knows that you know that regardless of the bars of cages love flows as a deeper current than we can explain. Any of us. There is always magic in cats’ eyes. Hopefully there will be magic in mine as well as I venture out into the marketplace today in search of smiles. Should be fun. I feel like crap today, physically speaking A spiritual transformation has begun and there is no turning back from this. True transformation is not by nature always comfortable. There is deep pain needs expressing. That is why the smiles, the beauty, the inner light, the  .  .  .  oh never mind. I think I made my point.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.

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