Braunschweiger and the Big Ugly

snow tree 040.jpg

Snow over Taos Mountain behind the buffalo pasture

“Art does not exist only to entertain — but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for the truth.”  ~  Barbara Streisand

A beautiful, fluffy snow is falling. I find comfort in this. About a half hour ago the coyotes were yukking it up over by the neighbor’s house. Shrill but uplifting sound, balm for a fearful state of mind this morning. By the looks of the radar and forecast the snow may continue on through the rest of the morning. That’s fine with me. The deep freeze comes as well. I’ve waited patiently for Winter, now I have it. It will take some adjustment. Bring it on. Admittedly I have been feeling suppressed by the political climate in this country. The hatred that has arisen from Trump’s new America is deeply disturbing. The worst part for me is to have to bear witness to a shift into an alternate reality, one where truth has nothing to do with itself. Let’s not get into details, here and now, but the fact that Trump seems to think that the sole purpose of the press is to be his personal scribes. These times are the result of the dark side of the “you create your own reality” thingy that became so popular back around the turn of the century. A shift in consciousness is crucial right now. Just sayin. It is small acts that will undermine the Big Ugly that stalks this land. Things are a gettin froggy out there. I am grateful that my world is close-knit and tiny, and that I live in a place where the level of diversity serves as a support against the kind of ugly that seems inevitable at this point. Sigh. Moving forward, it is a simple workday. My state of mind is not good but I feel some assistance from the Ancestors, or maybe it is other spirits, I don’t know. Coming to terms with a “not good” state of mind isn’t the same thing as accepting it somewhat as furniture, which is where I am at for now. Things unfold from the plenum. Some are foreseeable, some not. Our reality is full of surprises these days, many of them appalling. WTF, right? It’s just that kind of morning  .  .  .  too much input and too little clarity. I’ll stick with the Nature thing, and with the pleasure I find in my job. That and a nice braunschweiger with creamy Italian dressing sandwich for lunch oughtta be enough. Heck, that’s a lot in my reality! Today is about gratitude and mercy. Self-mercy is like all cool and stuff dude. Yeh, I think so.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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