A Day of Breathing


“Fantasy is escapism, but wait… Why is this wrong? What are you escaping from, and where are you escaping to? Is the story opening windows or slamming doors? The British author G.K. Chesterton summarized the role of fantasy very well. He said its purpose was to take the everyday, commonplace world and lift it up and turn it around and show it to us from a different perspective, so that once again we see it for the first time and realize how marvelous it is. Fantasy – the ability to envisage the world in many different ways – is one of the skills that make us human.”  ~  Terry Pratchett

“On the throne of the world, any delusion can become fact.”  ~  Gore Vidal

That was a bit much. Yesterday morning’s sub-zero temperature provided the tipping point for me. I’m now tired of Winter. I still like it though. It’s no warmer this morning than it was then, but I don’t have to work today so there is a minimal easing in my  .  .  .  I have no idea what I was getting at there. Things to do. There are always things to do. It’s this darned sense of urgency again, still, whatever. I think I maddened myself by reading too much political news this morning. It’s been a long week, right? For all of the glaring bizarreness that has come upon us as a nation, for me there is the one telling thing about the size of Trump’s Inaugural crowd, compared to Obamas, or to the Woman’s march. Contemplating that alone could account for any madness that is upon me this morning. But I wasn’t contemplating anything. I just wanted to post a brief one here this morning anyway. It will be a day of breathing, and one foot ahead of the other, and all that happy sort of stuff. I don’t feel particularly silly, which is unusual in itself. Silliness is almost always close at hand with me. All things in moderation, right? Yeh. And don’t even get me started on philosophy. Yeh, I am feeling agitated today. Time to ratchet it down. I’ve got the weekend to myself. Now’s the time. Time to listen to that soft and peaceful smile in my heart, before it finds need to shout.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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