Actuality and the Tipping Point


“Getting hold of the difficulty deep down is what is hard. Because if it is grasped near the surface it simply remains the difficulty it was. It has to be pulled out by the roots; and that involves our beginning to think about these things in a new way.”  ~  Ludwig Wittgenstein

This morning’s frigid air caught me by surprise. At the moment it is 20º out there. This suggests that I haven’t been keeping track of the weather forecast. My bad? Not really. I also have come to rely on my buddy Mac here to tell me the specifics in regards to the day of the week. For example, today feels like Monday because yesterday feels like Sunday. I say this with an intentional word choice. I  say yesterday “feels” like Sunday instead of yesterday “felt” like Sunday. A minor difference, I suppose. But the truth is that I didn’t pay any attention to what day it was yesterday. It apparently did not matter to me. But I feel it today, even though I have to go to work today, and it most definitely is Friday. Mac told me so. Yet after today I have two more days off in a row, just as I had the two previous days off. These next two days just might kill and bury my sense of time for good. Whatever. Am I sufficiently boring you yet, with all of this pretty much personal stuff? Not my intention, I assure you. What is happening here is transformation, maybe even transmutation. I know exactly when the tipping point was reached, and I saw it coming, even though I denied myself the good grace of actually believing that the tipping point would actually undergo the formality of occurring. Dag nab it all to heck I lacked faith! Thus it caught me by surprise. Yet in the personal intimacy of the brief time span when the actual tipping point was doing its tipping thing I wasn’t even aware that the shift was occurring. It don’t think you can have a transformation if you are thinking about and/or watch said transformation. That’s like intentionally choosing to endeavor toward enlightenment and then keeping a close eye on your progress. I am pretty much sure you can get an app for your phone that keeps track of that for you, but why rely on your phone to do that for you? I am of course kidding. Here’s the cool part  .  .  .  it lasted maybe one minute. The sweetest minute I have experienced in recent memory. Lucky me, right? Yeh. I am cutting this short this morning, not because I’ve already said enough; it’s because I am sorely tempted to wax political this morning, and I just don’t want to go there, k? Yeh.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.


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