A Cubic Centimeter of Chance


“I have noticed that even those who assert that everything is predestined and that we can change nothing about it still look both ways before they cross the street”  ~  Stephen Hawking

“All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this, and one of his tasks is to be alert, deliberately waiting, so that when his cubic centimeter pops out he has the necessary speed, the prowess, to pick it up.”  ~  Don Juan Matus (Carlos Castaneda)

I just a few minutes ago poured the last of the coffee into my double-wall steel cup and turned off the machine. Mundane details in a life that is changing in a mysterious and powerful way. How did I get myself into this? All I did was prepare myself for unknown change. I had no idea what it would be, I just knew it would happen, because I was going to begin receiving monthly benefit payments from the Social Security Administration. All I did was prepare myself. The nature of the changes was unknown, and it remains unknown, but it sho is puttin’ on a good show. I’m like all pert near dumbstruck and stuff. Aw dude. So, at the moment I am waiting for the next wave of snow. The first one came while I was still asleep and apparently thrashing about upon my pillow. My hair was quite amusing to behold. The cat woke me up, just fifteen minutes before the alarm was set to go off. I use my iPad as an alarm clock, setting two different times, just to make sure. The cat is seriously bugged by the digital sounds provided endogenously for us to use with the alarm. They even have one that sounds like a duck. That one seriously bugs me! Friggin duck. So, the question becomes: just how canny is Rosie the cat? Does she wake me up before the alarm just to avoid having to hear it go off? She doesn’t like the sound. What better way, right? At the moment I gotta go outside before the darkness abates, to see if the snow has come, and to breathe in the fresh moist air. I was entrenched, when I lived within lapping distance of the ocean, for 23 years, in high humidity. I have never lost my love for the stuff, and I never will. Busy backson.

The snow hasn’t started yet. There is is possibility that there will be none. Speaking of possibility, I’ve been thinking a lot about quantum physics lately, specifically about the Observer Effect. In a nutshell this Effect concerns the collapse of a probability wave through the simple act of being observed. A particle of light, a photon, exists as a probability wave until it “undergoes the formality of actually occurring”, as  Alfred North Whitehead explained. The probability wave collapses and the probability becomes an actuality, a particle. It’s a really friggin weird thing, when you think about it. As the future goes you kind of see your way to it. Think of it, there are any number of paths you might choose which lead into your future. So, when you choose just one, in seeing your way into the future you make what was once a possibility into an actuality. You could even take the road less traveled. So, this all takes me to that tiny choice I made last week, that became a life-changing event. The choice was mostly spontaneous, maybe even whimsical, even though I had given it ample thought already, and I ended up telling myself “not friggin likely dude”. And I believed that. This spontaneous change is as powerful as that which occurred when I got laid off from the animal shelter, an event which made me curl up under a blanket of unemployment checks for six months. And so it goes. Moving forward I have run overtime with this post. Gotta go. Off to the shower. There’s a time warp in my shower in that what seems to be a ten minute shower is actually twenty minutes. That’s gotta be a quantum event as well. I can just feel it! Bueno bye.

Peace out, y’all. Goof gloriously.



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